Ottawa June 19 2017

In the past few days accounts of an undercover video by the animal rights group “Mercy for Animals” has disclosed abuse of chickens destined for the slaughter plant in farms in southern British Columbia.  The video shows a worker pulling a live chicken whose leg was stuck under a crate until the bird’s leg ripped off.  Other footage shows workers slamming chickens against crates, and mimicking sex acts with the birds by thrusting into them.

Mercy for Animals has filed a formal complaint with the RCMP, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the British Columbia’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

If convicted, individuals could face a fine up to $75,000, a maximum five-year prison sentence and a possible ban for life from owning or being around animals.

Dr. Ian Duncan, Professor at Guelph University Department of Animal Biosciences stated:

“I’ve never seen anything so obviously cruel as that before … Part of the problem is that chicken catching takes place, usually, in enclosed sheds, so there’s no one to see what actually happens.  I think we’ve got to make the whole process more visible.”

Professor Duncan should get around more.  He should see what happens to human babies during abortion.  Ripping their bodies apart, arms, legs, torso and head, either by suction machine or curette (a scraping tool used in the uterus) is just normal procedure.  He’s right when he suggests that abuse takes place without anyone knowing what’s actually happening.  This is the problem with abortion.  Nobody knows what’s actually happening.  The remains from the abortion procedure are either sold (ostensibly for research) or destroyed as waste.

It’s all legal with the abortionist making a nice profit, and he/she is never subject to legal charges.  What’s the difference between chickens and human babies?  The chickens get legal protection, but not human babies.