The Devastation of Trudeau’s Marijuana Bill C-45


The marijuana Bill C-45 passed the House of Commons on November 27th 2017 and was sent to the Senate the following day, November 28th 2017.

The Senate resumed sitting after the Christmas break on Tuesday January 30th 2018, and debate on this marijuana Bill has now resumed at second reading.

This Bill is monstrous. It is a devastating attack on Canadian society and Canadian families, because according to the Bill:


  • Anyone over age 17 may freely possess marijuana in any amount. It only restricts its public use (and sharing) to 30 grams at a time. (equal to 60 joints)
  • Private homes may grow up to four marijuana plants without legal sanction.
  • Children over age 11 can freely possess, use, and even share marijuana up to 5 grams at a time (10 joints) There is absolutely no recourse if a minor is seen carrying, using, or handing out marijuana. A child can literally take ten joints from his parents’ stash, hand it out to his friends, go back home, take another ten, hand them out and keep doing it as often as he wants. This will deeply affect school environments and our neighbourhoods.


Marijuana is Harmful

Scientific evidence indicates that marijuana is a danger to public health. The harm caused by marijuana is listed on the website of Health Canada. The Canadian Medical Association and the Quebec Association of Psychiatrists and Pediatricians Alliance of Ontario have warned that the human brain continues to develop until 25 years of age and marijuana use gravely stunts the development of adolescents.


Yet the Canadian government is pushing for a full out liberalization of marijuana. What’s behind this?

In the first place, Justin Trudeau unthinkingly blurted out during the 2015 federal election, that his party would legalize marijuana, without his understanding what a complex undertaking it would be. He did so to get the millennial vote.

What began as a political or ideological issue has now become an incredible profit making industry. The money of George Soros and other billionaires has fueled organizations in many countries, including Canada, to successfully push for this legalization. The initial ideological push on marijuana has now been dwarfed by the gold-rush of capitalists pushing it. According to the Globe and Mail (February 1st 2018) the legalization of recreational marijuana could give raise to a domestic consumer market place to between $8-$9 billon per annum.

That is, the role of money is now central to the spread of marijuana legalization. Pro-marijuana propaganda is flooding the media in order to indoctrinate and habituate the public to use marijuana for the financial benefit of marijuana entrepreneurs.


In December 2017, the provinces reached a deal with the federal government, to keep the price of marijuana low to drive out the illegal black market. This will never happen. Police, experts and experience all indicate that the black market always undercuts legal marijuana sales. For example the black market has not gone away in Colorado, Oregon or Washington State since marijuana was legalized there for its recreational use. Keeping down marijuana sales by criminals is a fantasy.


What can be done?

In 2014 Justin Trudeau kicked Liberal senators out of his Liberal caucus. Unfortunately, according to the Hill Times (January 24th 2018) these former Liberal senators still vote for the Liberal government’s legislation 78.5% of the time. In the past two year Trudeau has also appointed 39 so-called independent senators. These senators were recommended by a partisan Liberal appointed committee. Not surprisingly, these “independent” senators have supported Liberal government legislation 94.5% of the time.

Currently the 105 Senators are divided as follows:

Conservative – 33

Liberals – 14

Independent – 39

Non-affiliated – 7

Vacancies – 12

This does provide a limited opening, at least, to persuade some senators to reject the marijuana Bill C-45. It will be tight however. It is critical that we do our best to try to stop this bill becoming law.

If passed, Canada will be only the second nation in the world after Uruguay to fully legalize this dangerous drug. We must try to stop it.

Please contact the senators they can be reached here.