The Continuing Follies of Justin Trudeau


Justin Trudeau’s lack of judgment is becoming a major concern.  He is also deliberately misleading the public about some of his policies.  This occurs probably because he believes the public is as simplistic as he is, and won’t notice the difference or know the facts.  What kind of country will be left when Trudeau leaves the public stage?  One hesitates to even think about it.

For example:

Apology to Homosexuals

On November 28, 2017 Trudeau gave a public apology to homosexuals who were dismissed in the past from the public service and the military.  He offered them $145 million in compensation for this alleged discrimination.

What Trudeau did not disclose in his apology was that the dismissals of homosexuals all occurred under Liberal governments.  Successive Liberal governments believed that enemy agents could blackmail homosexuals because homosexual activities were illegal at that time.  The government dismissals began in the 1940’s during World War II when Nazi spies were a major concern.   A year after the war ended, in 1946, a cipher clerk in the Russian Embassy in Ottawa, Igor Gouzenko, gave the Canadian government documents taken from the Russian Embassy which disclosed that a spy ring in Canada was attempting to steal information on the atomic bomb for the Russians.  The spy ring involved civil servants, scientists and a Liberal Member of Parliament, Fred Rose, from Montreal.  As a result, no one could any longer claim there was no cause for alarm about spies and blackmail of homosexuals, especially as the cold war between Russia and the west intensified.  Mr. Gouzenko and his family were required to live under the RCMP witness protection program for the rest of their lives.

Justin Trudeau’s own father, PM Pierre Elliott Trudeau refused in 1972 to discontinue the policy of dismissing homosexuals from the public service and the military.  His decision was not due to “homophobia” since in 1969, he had decriminalized homosexuality for those over 21 years of age.  The reality of the dangers to national security was the reason for his decision.

Yet, Canadians had to witness a tearful performance by Justin Trudeau, a former drama teacher, in the House of Commons apologizing to homosexuals.  He never disclosed the fact that it was former Liberal governments and his own father who had dismissed the homosexuals, based on genuine concerns about national security.

Carbon Tax

Justin Trudeau has misled the Canadian public by claiming that his mandatory national carbon tax imposed on the provinces will be revenue neutral.  In fact, this plan will reap billions of dollars for the federal government.  That money will serve to pad the Liberal government out of control spending habits so as to enable it to dole out even more millions to Trudeau’s own favourite friends and projects.  The Liberal government’s plan calls for a price on carbon pollution of $10 per tonne in 2018, increasing by $10 every year to $50 per tonne in 2022.  This money will raise the cost of goods and services of which the federal government will receive 5% of the revenues.  This is a whole new money stream for the Liberal government.  This will detrimentally affect the low income family which will pay more for goods and services taxes on their limited incomes.   Manufacturers and farmers also won’t be able to hire more Canadians because of the increased costs of their production.  The irony is Trudeau’s carbon tax will fail to achieve his 2020 greenhouse gas reductions target.

His compulsory carbon tax, which all provinces are required to apply, is a slick scheme to squeeze more tax dollars from Canadians, under the cover that he is protecting the climate.  It is a hoax.

Trudeau Protects Staffer on Sexual Harassment Charges

Trudeau prides himself on being a feminist.  With loud fanfare and intense publicity, he removed three MPs from his caucus (the fourth MP, seeing the writing on the wall, tactfully removed himself from the caucus) on the grounds of sexual harassment.  These removals were based on the women’s statements only – no proof required.

Trudeau, however, seems to have a different standard on sexual harassment for his inner circle of friends and senior staff.  Trudeau’s Deputy Director of Operations, Claude-Eric Gagné, working in the Prime Minister’s office, was quietly given a leave of absence with full pay since November 1, for alleged sexual harassment of women.  At first, the name of the individual was not even released and his “inappropriate behaviour” with a number of women was not disclosed.  It was only by chance that Quebec’s TVA Nouvelles, a television station, obtained the information on Gagné and made it public.

The Director of Communications in the PMO refused to release details about Mr. Gagné’s leave of absence.  The latter had headed a team in the PMO of more than 20 staffers, mostly women.  He was regarded as one of the more influential Quebecois in Trudeau’s inner circle, as well as in the Liberal Party in Quebec, where he has had more than 20 years experience working for the Quebec wing of the Party.  Mr. Gagné is obviously too important to the PM and the Liberal Party – hence his protected status.  All can apparently be overlooked, even sexual harassment, if it is for the advantage of the Liberal Party.

Trudeau Bungles Trade Agreements

In order to please his progressive base in Canada, and also to establish an international reputation as a “progressive” leader, Justin Trudeau has insisted that all Canada’s trade agreements must include gender rights, environmental concerns and labour standards acceptable to Canada.

Like many other leftists, Trudeau seems to regard trade negotiations as merely group therapy, and believes all that is necessary for negotiations is to be charming and have a sunny disposition, and the obstacles to trade agreements will disappear.

Unfortunately, hard problems do exist between governments, and world leaders resent inexperienced Trudeau both lecturing them about his fantasy world and insisting that his personal interests and values be enshrined into international trade agreements.


  • At the Trans-Pacific Partnership meeting in November in Vietnam, Canada was the spoiler in what was to have been an announcement in trade principles among Pacific countries.  Canada backed out of the agreement, having cold feet because the agreement did not include Trudeau’s personal agenda.  He left all the other countries standing around waiting to sign on because Canada was a “no-show” at the signing event.  The other Pacific countries were furious with Canada and Trudeau for the latter’s childish behaviour. Trudeau did eventually sign the TPP trade agreement in January 2018 without his desired special provisions.


  • In December, Trudeau flew out to Beijing all primed and ready to sign a trade pact with this communist country.  Instead, he was taken to an icy press conference presided over by an annoyed Chinese government.  He was then sent packing back to Canada, empty handed, with the deal unsigned.


  • During the next few months, Canada’s attempt to re-negotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) will be collapsing for the same reason that the other trade treaties have failed. Canada needs grown-ups to represent it at the negotiating table.


Trudeau Loves Communist China

Justin Trudeau, just like his father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau before him, greatly admires

China’s communist leaders, beginning with Chairman Mao-Tse-tung and all the other premiers who followed him.  Because of this blind admiration of Communist China, Justin Trudeau has allowed the Chinese government to exploit Canada’s natural resources and its major industries.  For example, he failed to submit China’s takeover of Vancouver’s high-tech firm NORSAT to have a national security review, even though NORSAT is a satellite manufacturer that supplies the US military.  China simply walked away with the deal in its pocket.

In October, Canada’s largest construction group, AECON, signed a $1.5 billion construction deal with a Chinese state-owned company, International Holdings Inc. (CCCL).  It is an investment arm of the notorious China Communications Construction Co. (CCCC).  Former Liberal Cabinet Minister, Brian Tobin, appointed by Prime Minister Jean Chrétien to his Cabinet, characterized the deal as “very positive”.  This is understandable, because Tobin is also the Vice-Chair of BMO Capital Markets which is advising AECON on the deal.  The Liberals do know how to help each other financially.  They support the adage “to the victor belong the spoils”.

CCCC has acquired a reputation for fraud and corruption.  This has led to the CCCC being disbarred in early 2000 from any World Bank projects for eight years.

What is particularly troubling about this AECON deal is that China will be installing a “unit” of the Chinese communist party within AECON.  This means the communist party will be dominating the decisions made by the company, which is not good for Canadians or our allies.

AECON will also be competing for the $185 billion dollars in infrastructure funding that the Trudeau government is planning to distribute.  Much of this money will be flowing to China by way of its ownership of the AECON Corporation. Much of this money will be flowing to China by way of its ownership of the AECON Corporation.

AECON is number three among construction and civil engineering companies in Canada.  All it needs is Trudeau’s government approval, which will be forthcoming.

The Beijing government is currently eyeing Canada’s oil sands.  How much longer before Trudeau allows China to take that over as well?