ALERT! October 19, 2017
Ontario’s Outrageous Abortion Clinic Bubble Zones

Call your Ontario MPP and urge him/her to vote against Bill 163

BILL 163, Protecting a Woman’s Right to Access Abortion Services Act
This is one of the most ludicrous bills ever introduced in the history of the Ontario legislature.  The bill proposes to create an abortion bubble zone to protect abortionists, their workers and clinics, their homes as well as pharmacists (who provide the abortion pill R-486).

This bill is based on absolutely no evidence whatsoever!

Bill 163 was introduced in the Ontario Legislature on October 4th and has already reached public hearings today. It was moved to The Standing Committee on General Government on Tuesday October 17th.

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Ontario’s Outrageous Abortion and Residential Bubble Zones

Bill-163 prohibits in “access zones” an astonishing list of activities which are all protected under the Charter of Rights. These include:

freedom of speech,
freedom of conscience,
freedom of religion and
freedom of association.

Tomorrow, when your local Member of Provincial Parliament is in the constituency office, please call and tell him/her to oppose the government’s plan to transform public sidewalks into “NO FREE SPEECH ZONES”

Please be sure to identify yourself as a constituent, leaving your name and residential address.