(Ottawa) – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau supports racist policies, especially for Africa, and he certainly knows what to do to eliminate Africans.

In April 2017 he donated $650 million Canadian dollars to efficiently dispose of Africans by abortion, the latter being contrary to African law and culture.  In fact, abortion is the most effective weapon to eliminate the population in Africa, and is much more efficient in this regard than even a cholera epidemic!

Obianuju Ekeocha, director of Culture of Life Africa, is concerned about such population control measures, “We are seeing astronomical amounts of money being raised by rich western philanthropists in order to “donate” to poor nations solely for the purpose of reducing the “burdensome” fertility of their women.” “We do not want to be deprived of the precious smile of our babies…”

The Prime Minister and his office recently met with the Canada’s Black community leaders on priority issues.  Is Prime Minister Trudeau, in the name of equality, planning to offer Canadian Black women priority access to abortion so that there will be a proportional increase in abortion for Black women in Canada, just like Trudeau has proposed for black women in Africa?

world-wide petition distributed by the World Congress of Families (WCF) and REAL Women of Canada has collected nearly 14,000 signatures in just six weeks condemning Trudeau’s racist policies.  The petition asked a perfectly reasonable question: why is Justin Trudeau not dealing with genuine health care needs in Africa, including maternal and infancy care, medical care, vaccination, nourishment, and clean water?

Signatures on the petition came from 80 countries including 26 African countries.

REAL Women of Canada requested a meeting with Mr. Trudeau to discuss his controversial racist policy but he has failed to reply.  Perhaps he was too embarrassed to meet with the REAL Women of Canada delegation because he openly claims to support only elite feminist women.  All other women are irrelevant.

Trudeau must be aware that his policy of funding abortions does not make him very popular in the developing world.

According to Andrew Caddell, recently retired senior policy advisor at Global Affairs, the 133 developing nations at the UN which hold the power there, think abortion is anathema, and the last thing they want is to be told by Trudeau what their policy on abortion should be.

According to Caddell, as a result of Trudeau’s offensive abortion policy for Africa, his talk of Canada gaining a seat on the UN Security Council in 2021 has been undermined. Why would these countries want Canada on the Security Council when it wants to eliminate them?

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