by C. Gwendolyn Landolt.  December 9, 2014.

It seems that the left-wing activists believe they should be running Canada, instead of elected governments.

Some sixty left-wing organizations have arrogantly demanded that the new prostitution law be repealed, and that prostitution be legalized in Canada, in accordance with their dictates.

That is not how democracy works.  It is the government elected by the voters that determines legislation in a democracy.  These groups obviously prefer, however, that they be in charge of legislation.

These activists also ignore the fact that the federal government carried out extensive consultations with the public before it drafted the current prostitution law.  Yet, these groups insist that they know better in regard to a prostitution law, and are demanding that prostitution be legalized and prostitutes receive full legal and labour rights.

They also prefer to ignore the fact that their proposed policy on prostitution simply does not work.  For example, Germany, which followed this policy of legislation on prostitution in 2002, has now been over-run with prostitutes (approximately 400,000 at last count) and with pervasive and odious human trafficking.

Unfortunately, these activists think they have all the answers to the complex issue of prostitution.  They assert that prostitutes can operate with their own safety precautions in place and don’t need legislation to protect them.  As such, they are egocentric, and indifferent to the vulnerability of the vast majority of prostitutes who do require legal protection.

These groups should come to terms with the fact that they do not run Canada.  Their interpretation of the new prostitution law is without merit and public support.

These groups are perfectly entitled to hold their own eccentric views, but the government and the public are equally entitled to ignore the narrow perspective of these activists.