REALity   Volume XXXVI issue No. 10  October 2017

One would think the issues of abortion and homosexuality discussed at the UN were a major concern for most UN members since so much time is taken up dealing with them. However, only a tiny number of the UN’s member states are preoccupied with these issues.  The push comes from fewer than 25 countries of the total 193 UN member states.  The major pressure comes from the Nordic countries, the European Union and, of course, Canada, under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  Thankfully, pressure no longer comes from the US, which has taken a pro-life/family position under President Donald Trump.

It is significant that there is no mention of abortion or homosexuality in any of the UN Human Rights Treaties, but discussions on these issues continue to cause gridlock and a lack of consensus again and again.  What is behind this?

The gridlock is due to the fact that in the mid-1990’s, UN agencies and the treaty monitoring bodies to which nations must report every five years to confirm their adherence to the UN treaties, developed a strategy to “re-interpret” human rights treaties to “write-in” these controversial issues, supposedly in the belief that if these controversial issues were constantly presented as “necessary” by UN bureaucrats and agencies, then UN member states would capitulate and accept them.

Recent data reveal that over half the recommendations made by UN human rights treaty monitoring bodies now include homosexuality and abortion, demanding that domestic laws of the member states be changed on the pretense that it is a requirement under the human rights treaties. These demands are then used by pro-abortion/homosexual NGO’s to pressure member states to liberalize their laws on abortion, sexual orientation and gender identity in their countries.  For example, the human rights committee, which monitors the international Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, has included demands for abortion and homosexuality in a shocking 85 of the reviews of the treaties it carried out last year, although the above treaty itself makes no mention of them.

Fortunately, these preposterous recommendations by the UN treaty monitoring committees are not enforceable. They are used only as a propaganda tool. That is how the game is now being played at the UN.  It is a fraud and completely unethical.