By J.C. von Krempach, J.D.   December 15, 2014.

The acronym “UNICEF” stands for United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, thus indicating the organization’s original purpose: to help children in need. Nowadays, however, the focus is not anymore set on the needs of defenceless children, but on the interests of a much more influential and powerful lobby: “gay” people. In a recently published policy paper, UNICEF fully and unconditionally signs up to the “gay rights” agenda. This is the final demise of an organisation that once served a good purpose, but which has fallen into the clutches of unelected and irresponsible bureaucrats.

What do children have to do with homosexuals? Nothing, one should think, except that they need to be protected against recruitment attempts. The UNICEF pamphlet, however, finds a rather creative way of framing its “gay rights” agenda as an emanation of children’s rights: it speaks of “LGBT children and their parents” whose “family ties” should be legally recognized.

Assertions about someone “being” homosexual (as if that were an innate and unalterable characteristic!) are already problematic when adult persons are concerned; they are completely irresponsible when they refer to children. There are no homosexual (or bisexual, or transgender) children – there are only children who have, for one reason or the other, the misfortune of growing up in an environment consisting of persons with unusual “sexual behaviour”. And it is of course wrong to describe those persons uncritically as the “parents” of those children. While it does occur that children have parents of which the one or the other engages in homosexual intercourse, it is nevertheless clear that no child has ever been born as a result of such intercourse. In that sense there are no children with “LGBT parents”, because all of us have a father and a mother. “LGBT families” are not a reality, but a legal artefact.

Thus, the concern for “LGBT children” is really only a hypocritical pretext for promoting the interests of some adults with unusual “sexual orientation”. UNICEF has given up defending children; instead, the promotion of the “gay agenda” appears to have become the organizations new priority.

It then comes as no surprise to find in the pamphlet statements like this one:

“UNICEF supports the enactment of laws which provide LGBT couples and their children with the legal recognition of their family ties. Legal ‘recognition’ (in addition to ‘protection’) of family relationships are important in fighting discrimination against LGBT parents and children, as parents without legal recognition are prevented from making decisions concerning fundamental aspects of their child’s life”

This is just utter nonsense. Where two homosexuals and a child are involved, one of the two homosexuals is with certainty not the “parent” of the child. Why does UNICEF speak of him as “parent”, and why should he have any right to “make decisions concerning fundamental aspects of the child’s life”? Is that not precisely something the child should be protected against? Yet UNICEF takes not the side of the child, but the side of the homosexual wannabe-parent.

The intellectual and moral corruption is sickening.

(first published on: AGENDA EUROPE)

Source: C-Fam Turtle Bay and Beyond