Prime Minister Trudeau is using every possible nook and cranny in the Federal Government’s tool box to provide money for his favoured minority, special interest groups: homosexual, transsexual, and radical feminist.  REAL Women of Canada has been tracking these grants for a number of years.  However, we can scarcely keep up with them.

Providing these generous grants, Trudeau is extravagantly lavishing gifts on groups he personally favours.  There appears to be no limit to these grants, made both to Canadian and international groups.  This spending is being distributed based on sexual identities, behaviours, and expressions, which occur in only a minuscule part of our population. Statistics Canada counts transgender self-identities at 0.19% of the population; non-binary 0.13%; gay men 0.8%; gay or lesbian women (a recently invented identity) 0.5%. Unfortunately, Canadians who identify with their natural DNA-determined sex and who represent 99.66% of the population are not so fortunate.

No Controls on Spending

There are apparently no adults in the cabinet or government circles to control Trudeau’s profligate behaviour.  As a result, he is like a rich kid in a candy shop handing out treats to make friends and receive gratitude for his generosity.  Only it’s not Trudeau’s money, but the taxpayer’s money that he is generously distributing.  He is getting away with this because he can.  How much longer will Canadians tolerate this behaviour, while he remains indifferent to the hardships of ordinary Canadians and their values?  Canadians are not pawns for Trudeau to callously push about at his personal discretion. Hardworking, family orientated Canadians are the backbone of this nation on which the country depends.  Nonetheless, they are scarcely tolerated and are ignored by Trudeau’s government.

Grants to Homosexual Organizations

Since Trudeau was elected Prime Minister in 2015, money has been flowing nonstop to homosexual communities.

There is no accountability as to how the funds are used.  The money disappears into the bureaucracies of these groups, for ill-defined vague projects so that it is difficult to pin down whether the purpose or objective of these grants has been achieved. Accordingly, we are not able to provide a complete picture of these expanding expenditures, but at least we can provide some examples of them as exhibits of this abuse of power.

Some of this funding is as follows;

  • A $145 million settlement made in a class action lawsuit launched on behalf of LGBTQ persons previously employed by the civil service or the military, who were apparently discriminated against because of their sexual orientation. They were determined as security risks because they were vulnerable to blackmail. This settlement was described by the media as “the largest of its kind in the world”.
  • In February 2019 the Liberal government gave $30 million over a 5 year period to assist and promote homosexual and gender identity in developing countries.  The Canadian government has pledged an additional $10 million every year in perpetuity to advance “human rights and improve social economic outcomes” for homosexuals in developing countries as part of Canada’s international aid program.  This money is being used to lobby for change in the cultures and religions of these countries.
  • At a news conference, ahead of the August 2022 Gay Pride festival in Ottawa, Trudeau announced $100 million dollars over five years for Canada’s first federal homosexual, transgender Action Plan. He stated that this grant was given “to fight discrimination, increase public awareness, break down barriers, build a future where everyone is truly free to be who they are and love whom they love.”

This $100 million is to be used as follows: $75 million for sexual identifying communities and $11.7 million for a 2SLGBTQI+ Secretariat to oversee and implement the Action Plan. In a previous 2019 budget, $1.2 million had already been provided for this Secretariat. $7.7 million is for data collection and research, and $5.6 million for awareness campaigns to “break down stigma.”  Simply put, this money is to change values and cultures.

  • Equality for Gays and Lesbians Everywhere (EGALE)

EGALE Canada is a federal incorporated homosexual advocacy group with tax exempt status.  It targets homosexual/lesbian youth nationally and internationally. EGALE has received $11.3 million in government funding since 2013. However, after Trudeau came to power in 2015, EGALE’s funding increased by 216%. According to Canada Revenue Agency Charities, pre-2015 government funding for EGALE averaged $1 million a year, but jumped to $1.7 million annually thereafter.

It should be noted that feminist and homosexual activists also receive “human rights” funding directly from a government program called the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.  Some of this agency’s outrageous grants will be outlined in the next issue of REALity.  Also, homosexual activists abroad are funded by grants given to them through Canadian embassies from Global Affairs Canada. One hundred twenty countries received funds from Canada Fund for Local Initiatives for homosexual groups abroad.

The mainstream media have kept Canadians in the dark about all this funding.  Therefore, few Canadians are aware of our government using our tax dollars to change the culture of Canada and of other nations.

Grants to Feminist Activists

The feminist based Status of Women agency, now called Women and Gender Equality (WAGE), used to be allocated $31 million annually to hand out grants.  In 2015, after Trudeau came to power, this feminist agency’s appropriation was increased to $160 million.  WAGE is using these funds to promote women’s victimhood, 2SLGBTQI+ “needs”, and just recently added youth to the mix.  As a result, there is a massive tax funded sexual identity lobby: 2 spirited (indigenous), gays, lesbians, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, feminist, and youth. The plus (+) represents any newly “evolved” identities that can be added to the list of special interest victims.

WAGE also is adding Gender Based Violence to its work.  WAGE views the roots of Gender Based Violence (GBV) as all around us, including “rigid gender norms imposed on young children” which means normal boy-girl, family values, and  behavioural differences. The federal budgets in 2017 and 2018 provided over $200 million, starting in 2017-18 until 2022-23, and over $40 million per year ongoing to establish, launch, and expand the government’s GBV Strategy, including the creation of the Gender Based Violence Knowledge Centre, housed within WAGE. Budget 2022 increased its “capacity” with $601.3 million over five years to advance a new National Action Plan to End Gender-Based Violence. Information, of course, has not been provided as to whether “violence” increased or decreased as a result of handing over hundreds of millions of tax dollars to promote this issue. The reason given by fund recipients for not providing an accounting of the results is that they cannot report data for the projects since this would not be “consistent with the nature of social development work”.  In other words, don’t expect us to provide any proof of success – just keep sending us the money.

Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Youth, Marci Ien, however has helpfully let us know the excellent work the Liberal government has accomplished by providing a list of nine “historic” actions taken to ‘advance equality’ for 2SLGBTQI+, including removing from the Criminal Code “anal intercourse” as a crime, vagrancy, and bawdy house offences.

  • Problems with Government Promoting Activism

There is an obvious problem when the government funds organizations whose sole purpose is to lobby the government for policy changes.  This is not democratic, since it discriminates against other Canadians who have a different perspective on issues, and are denied an equal playing field.  Yet, promoting these issues has been the feminist and homosexual modus operandi in Canada since the 1970’s.  These grants pay for litigation, research, and cultural awareness programs.  This policy was introduced by former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, who insisted that this funding was a way of promoting “participatory democracy”.  Pierre Elliott Trudeau did not mention, however, that the funding always goes only in one direction – to support his own “progressive” agenda. And this continues today.