REALity January 2019

 Trudeau’s Lunacy Over the Canadian Loonie

There is no end to the lunacy of Justin Trudeau.  He is determined to push his own personal “progressive” agenda on Canadians regardless of whether they want it or not.

His most recent lunacy is his decision on December 14, 2018, to order the Canadian Mint to release in 2019, a new $1 coin (loonie) designed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of his father, Pierre Trudeau’s, decriminalization of homosexuality on May 14, 1969.  Trudeau Senior had amended the Criminal Code at that time to decriminalize homosexuality for those over 21 years of age (later reduced to 18 years of age).  The same legislation also decriminalized abortion under certain conditions.  During that same year, Trudeau had amended the Divorce Act to permit easier divorce.

Although the issues of homosexuality, abortion and divorce may have been made legal by Trudeau Senior, it did not make them moral or socially acceptable to many Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, Orthodox Jews or Atheists.

It is intolerable, therefore, that Trudeau is using Canadian currency for the promotion of homosexuality, which many Canadians, whether religious or non-religious, regard as unnatural, unhealthy and abnormal.  This coinage of the 50th anniversary of homosexuality is an insult to the independence, intelligence and integrity of Canadians.

It is significant that at the time Trudeau Senior amended the Criminal Code to decriminalize homosexuality, his Minister of Justice, John Turner, stated “I cannot emphasize too strongly, Parliament is not, by enacting these amendments, condoning this type of conduct”.

Yet Justin Trudeau, by ordering the Mint to produce the special homosexual coin, is not only requiring Canadians to condone homosexuality, but also to celebrate it by way of the distribution of these coins.  We are obliged to use them, thereby promoting the homosexual agenda against our own beliefs.

This decision by Trudeau is yet another example of his failure to understand and respect Canadians and their diversity of opinion.  Instead, he is pushing down our throats his own state propaganda on homosexuality.

On November 28, 2017, Trudeau gave a public apology to homosexuals, which he proclaimed was on behalf of all Canadians.  Canadians then had to witness a tearful performance by him, a former drama teacher, in the House of Commons, apologizing to homosexuals for the alleged errors of the past.  During this apology, Justin Trudeau failed to disclose that all the dismissals of homosexuals occurred under former Liberal governments, and that his own father had dismissed homosexuals from government employment, based on genuine concerns about national security.  This was done because it was believed that enemy agents could blackmail homosexuals because homosexual activity was illegal under the Criminal Code at that time.  In 1972, Trudeau’s father, Pierre, refused to discontinue the policy of dismissing homosexuals from the public service and the military.  His decision was not due to “homophobia”, since, in 1969, he had decriminalized homosexuality, but was due to genuine concerns about national security.

Trudeau Junior further awarded in November, 2018, $145 million of the taxpayers’ dollars to promote homosexuality.  This sum included $110 million to homosexuals as their compensation for being dismissed from government service.  These individuals, however, were able to obtain employment elsewhere, and were not deprived of any of their rights as Canadian citizens.

According to the CBC, the Mint is not releasing any images of the new coin, nor revealing the name of the artist who rendered it, claiming it wants to “maximize the impact” when people first see it sometime next year.

Justin Trudeau and his government must be held to account for forcing this propaganda piece on Canadians.

Please write to:

The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON  K1A 0A6
Tel:  (613) 992-4211
Fax:  (613) 941-6900

and to your MP (whichever political party).  They, too, must be made aware of how offensive this initiative is to the voters of the country.