REALity May 2019

Trudeau Funds Homosexuals Abroad

Many Canadians are experiencing financial difficulties in today’s insecure economy.  Young people, especially, are having problems finding their financial feet, with unemployment or contract work only, and with high rent for accommodation.  That is, life is not easy for Canadians because of financial pressures.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Trudeau lives comfortably on his family trust, with free government accommodation, household help and a nanny paid for by the taxpayers.  He earns an annual salary as Prime Minister of $347,400.  Money is not a concern for him.  We only have to recollect his family trip to India, in February 2018, which cost the taxpayers $1.6 million, including $17,000 to bring a Vancouver based celebrity chef to prepare his family’s meals, and the $7000 for his and his family’s frequent costume changes during the visit.

In the March 2019 spring school break, Trudeau took his family to Florida on the government Challenger jet, at a cost to the taxpayers of more than $100,000.  Then, during this holiday, Trudeau flew to Ottawa (a 3 hr flight) and back to Florida, in one day, at a cost of $14,000 per hr in order to have his photo taken with Finance Minister Morneau and attend a brief meeting with him.

On March 19, 2019, Finance Minister Morneau handed down the budget, rolling out billions (it’s an election year), amounting to $20 billion, to add to this Liberal government’s deficits, which are already at $50 billion.  Justin Trudeau is just like his father, Pierre Trudeau, with respect to money.  Both have no money sense.  In his 15 years as Prime Minister, Trudeau Sr. managed to have only one balanced budget.  As a result, it took 20 years to dig Canada out from the financial crisis created by his extravagance.  It appears that this will happen again under Trudeau Jr.

Trudeau Jr. Lavishes Tax Money on Homosexuals Abroad

 Justin Trudeau continues to lavishly bestow our hard earned tax money on his favourite people – feminists and homosexuals.  Both groups are swimming in Trudeau’s largesse.  It is grim enough that Trudeau has poured millions of tax dollars into the homosexual cause within Canada, but now he is expanding his generosity to provide Canadian tax dollars for homosexuals residing worldwide.  This is in accordance with his promise, at the time he was elected in 2015, that he would make the promotion of LGBTQ a central pillar of Canadian foreign policy.

In pursuance of this policy, in February, 2019, the Trudeau government announced $30 million in funding over five years, followed by $10 million per year to advance the human rights and socio-economic outcomes for LGBTQ people in developing countries.  This money is to be used to support local and regional homosexual organizations and “equality” movements in the developing countries for the advancement of their policies.

In addition, in January, 2017, Canada, along with Chile, became co-chair of the Equal Rights Coalition, an intergovernmental coalition advancing LGBTQ rights.  Canada is one of several Western countries that is supporting LGBTQ through embassies and missions abroad.  As a result, Canadian embassies are now including, among their duties, the promotion of the homosexual cause, regardless of the religious beliefs and cultures of their host countries.