Ottawa, Ontario                                                                                                                       February 14, 2022

Media Release

 The Next Conservative Leader

The major lesson to be learned from the disastrous Conservative O’Toole leadership, is that the Conservative Party can succeed only if it takes into account and reflects the opinions, values and beliefs of its natural supporters.  This means that the party must be Conservative, not Liberal-Lite.  If the Conservative Party fails to learn this lesson, and elects yet another leader who ignores its natural supporters, the party will fail again.

The Conservative Party is dependent on the donations and support of ordinary Canadians such as hockey/soccer parents, housewives, small business owners, etc., not politically progressive elites.  Further, the party under O’Toole ignored the multicultural communities, faith-based institutions and individuals and just ordinary, hard-working taxpayers.  They were all marginalized and ignored under O’Toole’s leadership.

Simply put, O’Toole’s constant pursuit of the left-of-centre votes and his disregard for those right-of-centre, the natural foundation of the party, led to the Conservative loss in the last election.  Many of its traditional supporters placed their vote with Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party of Canada.  This gave the Liberals a razor-thin win in many ridings, and the minority government which is now burdening Canada.

A new Conservative Party leader must bring unity to the party.  This is where real leadership comes in.  The party needs a leader who checks his/her ego at the door, and understands the value of consensus in leading, and that consensus once reached, is by definition, open to refinement, re-examination and restatement based upon new facts and data.

The Political Right Must Unite

The political right united before, with the Reform/Alliance/Conservative mergers of the late 1990s and early 2000s.  The time is now to do it again.

If the party fails again to elect a leader who has genuine conservative roots and beliefs, it will not be able to stop the dangerous policies of the left that are bankrupting Canada economically, socially and politically. All that it needed is a leader who understands and is respectful of the views of its supporters, consisting of millions of Canadians, many of whom would be relieved to be rid of the divisive Liberal government.

While no one is perfect, the very least we should expect of the new Conservative Party leader, apart from conservative principles and values, is honesty and integrity.  No more misrepresentation of the facts. The party must support people’s freedom to think, debate and worship as they see fit.

More than ever, Canadians need a Conservative Party that is led by principled leadership with a vision respectful of, and firmly rooted in, the conservative values of millions of Canadians.

Canada Has Changed

It has become obvious that Canada has changed.  No longer are Canadians willing to sit idly by and follow the tone-deaf political elites who believe it is their right to command us.

There is a new challenge and opportunity facing Canadians.  We hope the new Conservative leader understands this.

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