October 31, 2020
Ottawa, Ontario




The Mainstream Media Provides Partisan Information

WHEREAS the mainstream media (MSM) in Canada, including the major newspapers, the CBC and the other national TV networks, and cable TV, are providing information that lacks balance and objectivity; and

WHEREAS many MSM, including the CBC and major newspaper chains, are subsidized by the federal Liberal government and thus are beholden to them which inherently biases MSM journalism; and

WHEREAS the political narratives presented by the MSM fail to present facts or ignore important facts that are inconsistent with their narratives; and

WHEREAS the MSM’s narratives are destructive to the democratic system and religious beliefs, since they deliberately undermine traditional moral values and principles that have been practiced and upheld for generations, tested by experience, and which have been shown to benefit society; and

WHEREAS the MSM are attempting to change society with partisan narratives by portraying unacceptable behaviour as normal, and presenting questionable values as the only authentic Canadian public opinion; and

WHEREAS such narratives by the MSM have caused Canadians to lose confidence in the MSM, and also in some of our national institutions, that are promoting the partisan narratives of the MSM;

BE IT RESOLVED that the partisan narratives provided by the MSM be rejected by REAL Women of Canada as inauthentic and manipulative; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the MSM, which have destroyed their own reputation and the profession of journalism by biased, partisan behaviour, be encouraged by REAL Women of Canada to regain their integrity by providing information that is objective, balanced and which reflects the diverse views and opinions of Canadians.