The madness of transsexualism has come home to roost.  The notion that an individual can change his / her sex because of being “born into the wrong sex” has been exposed for its utter foolishness.  This has occurred because men, pretending to be women, are now being permitted to participate in women’s sports competitions.  Such men are now gleefully winning most, if not all, of women’s sports competitions, which were created specifically for women. What did we expect? It is only common sense that biological males would be the winners since they have a huge edge over women in sports competitions.  In addition to their high testosterone levels, men have much more muscle mass, longer and denser bones, larger heart capacity, with more oxygen-carrying red blood cells, stronger and thicker ligaments, and are, on average, nearly 10% taller than women.  It was sheer stupidity not to foresee the consequences of men competing with women and how unfair it is to female athletes who, as a result, are being denied opportunities, such as sports scholarships.

As one female athlete, who has competed against males who identify as female, stated:  “In all competitions now, the outcome of a race is known before it even starts.”  The politically correct desire to accommodate the LGBTQ community by accepting males in female sports competitions reduces women athletes to being mere spectators at their own competitions.

In the US Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference, which implemented a transgender policy, female athletes are losing out on qualifying for championship teams, where they would have otherwise succeeded.  The repercussions are not merely losing in a competition, but are also compounded negatively for anyone who dares to oppose biological males competing against female athletes.  For example, former lesbian tennis great, Martina Navratilova, called this transgender policy “insane” and “cheating” because of the tremendous physical advantages males have over women.  She has recently been expelled from an LGBT advocacy group for her honesty.

Medical Research on Transgenderism

Transgendered activists proclaim that transitioning to another gender is a blissful event bringing them much joy and happiness.  This is not the truth.  Medical research tells a far different story.

The transgendered experience an ongoing turbulent mental condition, with symptoms of aggression towards the self and one’s own body.  This results, ultimately, in a maelstrom of sadness, hatred and compulsive self-harm ending with extensive surgery and hormone injections to “become” another sex.  In effect, this genuine health issue, a mental illness, has been turned into a human rights issue, removed from the realm of evidence. This is political correctness gone berserk.

Cruelty towards the Transgendered

It is beyond cruel to allow these troubled individuals to undertake radical medical treatments, which will likely result in physical and psychiatric consequences, including an early death. The medical consequences include an elevated risk of suicide, as reported in the 2014 report of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) and The Williams Institute, an LGBT think-tank at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA), which conducted a survey of suicide among gender-confused persons.  This very important document has been ignored by homosexual and transgender activists, the mainstream media and the American Psychiatric Association, perhaps because its findings are staggering.  It is cruel and callous towards the transgendered to ignore this study.

The report pointed out that persons who wish to identify as “transgender” have a rate of lifetime suicide attempt that is at least 9 times higher than others.  The actual figures may be even higher since many US states do not record gender or sexual orientation.

A Canadian meta-study, published in 2017, “Varied Reports of Adult Transgender Suicidality”, in Transgender Health, Vol. 2, No. 1 (2017), has revealed that the rate of suicide attempt  within the last year by the transgendered is 22 times higher than that of the general population.  One can conclude from this study that suicidal behaviour is the norm and not the exception for transsexuals.

A study published in 2011 in a Public Library of Science journal, based on Swedish data, reported that 10 years after transition, mortality from suicide was found to be strikingly high among self-reassigned persons. It reported that trans-women – men that “transformed” themselves to women – who have undergone surgery and hormone treatment have a 20-fold higher suicide rate than that of natural women.

Further, a study published in the British Medical Journal, of gender-confused women taking testosterone to transition to men, conducted in the Netherlands, on 2260 gender-confused men and 1229 gender-confused women, led the authors to recommend that trans-women and trans-men, who have not undergone a mastectomy, should obtain regular mammograms from the age of 50 years if they have been using hormone treatments for more than five years.

In the Journal, Annals of Internal Medicine (August 2018), a study reported that transgendered “women” (who are, in fact, men) on hormone therapy were 80 – 90 % more likely to experience a stroke or heart attack than natural women. This study also found that men “transgendered into women” were twice as likely to have a blood clot condition, venous thromboembolism.

The tragedy is that the mental condition of the gender confused, if properly treated, leads to an 85 – 98% chance of recovery. Why are we ignoring this fact?

Why are we allowing these sad individuals, who have a mental condition, to believe they were born in the wrong sex and encourage them to undergo frightful “treatment” leading to terrible medical consequences?  Yet, some medical authorities working in this field are encouraging “transitioning”.  Is this perhaps because this field is so lucrative for these physicians?  One hopes this is not the case, but it is difficult to believe that an informed physician is not aware of the medical implications of attempting to transgender a patient.

This cruelty to transsexuals must stop.  They need proper care to help them overcome their tragic fixation and mental delusions. They must be provided compassionate and proper treatment.  Telling them the truth about their delusions, in order to prevent their future suffering, is the humane and proper approach to their problems.