REALityVolume XXXIV Issue No. 11 November 2015

The Federal Election 2015 gave the Liberals 184 seats, the Conservatives 99 and the NDP 44. The election will profoundly change Canada. 

The election results were not so much a rejection of the policies of the Conservative government, which have placed Canada in a stable, economic position, as the leading G8 country in terms of social and educational advancement. Rather, the election was about the media instigated mantra, quickly picked up by the opposition Liberals and NDPs, “that it was time for a change”.  US President Barak Obama, was elected in 2008 under the similar mantra of “hope and change”.  His election proved to be disastrous by any standards, both domestically and internationally.  It can be predicted that the same will occur under the Liberals in Canada. 

It is noted too that 60% of the voters rejected the Liberals and voted for other parties – the Conservatives, NDP, BQ, etc. That is, the Liberals received only 39.5% of the votes – less than half the votes cast.  This is not a resounding victory for the Liberals.  Mr. Harper had the handicap of running to be re-elected for a 4th successive time.  No other party has succeeded in accomplishing this since Sir Wilfrid Laurier in the October 26th, 1908 election. 

Further, for years, the media have relentlessly denigrated Conservative leader Stephen Harper, portraying him as a sinister, secretive and heartless manipulator. This was completely unfair.  The reason for this hatred of Mr. Harper was that he was not a part of the “Laurentian Group” that had so dominated Canada for decades.  It operates from the Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto triangle, and consists of the media, left-wing academics and NGO’s.  Mr. Harper wasn’t one of them.  He was from the west, he graduated from the wrong university and didn’t have the right values and interests (hockey, alas).  He was, well, a conservative.  He had to be removed from power so that the socially and politically correct Laurentian Group could resume its rightful position of influence and power.  Justin Trudeau suited them perfectly. He had the right genes, came from Montreal, had the right values and interests. He was one of them. He, therefore, was enthusiastically promoted and groomed to be prime minister

Mr. Harper was a decent, courageous, disciplined and hard-working Prime Minister. He will go down in history as one of Canada’s most outstanding prime ministers.   

The Bad News

Not only the economy, national security and immigration policies will be drastically changed by the Liberals, but their win also means that human dignity and respect for life will be endangered.

There is no possibility that the unborn child will acquire legal protection during the reign of the Liberals. Any MP who introduces a private member’s pro-life bill, although it will serve to raise the issue, will be pounced upon and sideswiped out by the aggressive anti-life Liberals.  This means that the pro-life movement in Canada must look to other strategies, as the pro-life movement did in the US when it was hemmed in by the decision of the Supreme Court in 1973 that abortion was a constitutional right. Pro-lifers in the US turned to the state governments, which had the responsibility of regulating the abortion procedures.  The US pro-life movement has been remarkably successful in creating an astounding decrease in abortions by way of state laws restricting abortions.  We shall have to think carefully and deeply about our future strategy during the Liberals’ tenure of office.

The issue of assisted suicide is certain to be a difficult problem. Regulations and guidelines put forward by the Liberals will grease the slippery slope to death as has occurred in the Netherlands and Belgium.  The mentally ill and the aged will be vulnerable under a Liberal government by forcing death on them as a way to promote, the “good” of society.

Other social issues, such as prostitution, will be reopened. Drug injection sites will undoubtedly be liberally sprinkled across the country.  Marijuana will be legalized.  Although the Liberals claim that they will restrict adolescents’ use of the drug, such regulations will have the same effect as those restricting cigarettes; which are still readily available to youth.  The NDP MP, Randall Garrison, (Esquimalt-Saanich-Sooke), who brought in the failed transgender bill, will now have his way in Parliament, assisted by the obliging Liberals and the NDP.

Millions and millions of taxpayer dollars will be dumped into special interest funding: radical feminists and left-wing NGO’s will be back in business after being deprived of taxpayers’ money by the Conservatives, since 2006.

The Good News

 The Liberals have been elected for a tenure of four years. It is not forever.  During this time in office, they are going to have to be magicians to satisfy all the individuals and organizations to whom they have made such grandiose promises.  It won’t be possible to satisfy them all, and the Liberals are going to make serious enemies during their tenure.

It will not be Justin Trudeau who will be determining Liberals’ policies. Rather, it will be the backroom men and women, whom we don’t know, who will be calling the shots.  As an integral part of the Liberal psyche, entitlement will be fundamental to this government.  We saw a glimmer of such arrogance the week before the election day, when the co-chair of the Liberal party, Dan Gagnier, gave private advice and lobbied on behalf of a private interest pipeline corporation. It was only when the media got wind of this that the Liberals decided to get rid of him.

Trudeau will serve as the party’s front man. He will be the sunny, charming and handsome entertainer, while both parroting the lines given to him and following instructions from his backroom manipulators.  He doesn’t have the wisdom or experience to know what’s going on behind his back.  This is sure to create future problems for the party.

Going Forward with the Pro-family/Pro-life Movement

We must graciously accept what has happened, and move on. This election is not going to stop the pro-family/pro-life movement. We will be doing our important work as always.  REAL Women intends to carry on with its agenda of careful analysis of the social and political policies; we will continue to penetrate the bubble that the media have created around the Liberal Party to protect it from public scrutiny.  We will expose the facts and the manipulation that occur behind the scenes.  It is certain that REAL Women will not be deterred by this election.  We have a job to do.  We will speak the truth always.  You can be assured that we will not fail in our responsibilities.