WHEREAS the federal Liberal Government amended the Criminal Code in 2019 and 2021 to provide greater leniency for granting bail and parole to offenders, and

WHEREAS on March 29, 2023, Minister of Justice David Lametti stated in the House of Commons that more lenient treatment of offenders was necessary to address the problem of systemic racism and systemic overrepresentation of Indigenous and black people in the justice system, and

WHEREAS since the Criminal Code amendments, indigenous and black people have continued to be overrepresented in the justice system, and

WHEREAS available data indicate that there has been an increase in offenders released on bail and parole since the Criminal Code amendments were made, which has increased drug and gun use and has produced a proliferation of violence endangering the public and police officers, and

WHEREAS in April 2023, the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police notified the provincial and territorial premiers that there is a link between the rise in violence caused by people released on bail and parole and the federal legislation that was passed four years ago, and

WHEREAS on January 13, 2023, provincial and territorial premiers sent a letter to the federal government requesting that the bail and parole system be strengthened in order “to stop coddling prolific offenders”, and

WHEREAS the increased use of drugs and guns and the proliferation of violence by released offenders has been frequently caused by offenders’ having mental health and substance abuse problems.

Be It Resolved that the public safety of Canadian communities take priority when considering bail or parole for offenders.

Be It Further Resolved that if indicated, violent offenders be released only after they have completed treatment for mental illness or substance abuse during their incarceration.

Be It Further Resolved that violent offenders be prohibited from serving their sentences in their homes or in their communities, but be required to remain in prison for the duration of their sentence.