It is absolutely critical that those who are members of the Conservative Party of Canada vote on the preferential ballot in the Conservative Leadership race.

There would be nothing more satisfactory to the Red Tory eastern elites, who are running the party, than if social conservatives stepped out of the election campaign leaving the mantle of victory to fall decisively on either of their two favourite candidates, Peter MacKay and Erin O’Toole. If you are a member of the Conservative Party of Canada please vote in the Conservative Leadership campaign.

Make No Further Contribution to the Conservative Party of Canada

It seems, however, that the tension within the Conservative Party is broader than just the struggle between the Red Tories and social conservatives. It is apparent that there is a struggle between the East and the West over control of the party and its agenda. The Red Tories identify all social conservatives as being part of the West. Consequently, the Conservative elites running the party in the East will not likely be deterred in their current path to take over.

Unless and until the Conservative Party indicates that it wishes to give equal value to social conservatives within the party, we will no longer support the Conservative Party of Canada. Casting our vote for a suitable leadership candidate will be the extent of our participation.

This means we should no longer financially contribute to the party or assist it in any way as volunteers, both now and during future election campaigns.

REAL Women of Canada makes this statement with full knowledge of the terrible price we must pay, which is the re-election of Trudeau in 2023. However, it is the only recourse we have in order that a new party be formed from the former party. We have tried other avenues to remedy the problem to no avail. We will steel ourselves to do what we must do. However, if a pro-life leader does get elected, then we must continue to support the Party.

The Red Tories, currently running the leadership campaign, are regularly conducting polls among party members. These polls usually take place once a week. The purpose of the polling is to determine the level of support for each candidate – especially their own favourites. Please do not respond to of these polls. Politely refuse to answer, as it is no one’s business but your own for whom you intend to vote.

In summary, social conservatives will no longer tolerate the gross attempts by the Conservative Party of Canada elites to manipulate them. These elites should be assured that we will sit out the next election in order, as stated above, that a new party will rise from the ashes of the former party.