Editor’s Note: The following information is provided at this time because of Bill C-8 An Act to Amend the Criminal Code Conversion Therapy, which was discussed in detail in the April issue of REALity. If this Bill should be passed into law, there may no longer be freedom of speech to discuss the homosexual issue. Information on the facts, history and accurate scientific research on the subject will be forbidden.

As a result, you may want to retain this article for future reference, as it may constitute hate literature under Bill C-8. If this bill is passed it may mean that this material may no longer be promoted or communicated publicly without legal implications.

Homosexuals Stamp Out Opposition

Although homosexuals comprise only a small minority of the population (at most 2.5 to 3%), activists want the power to dictate to society what we are to believe on the issue, and how we must treat their community. To obtain this power, LGBTQ activists have had, in general, two major methods of forcing society to accept their agenda.

The first is to bully and intimidate those who resist their agenda. They do this by using economic and legal threats to silence resistance to their policies. They are enabled in this by an uncritical, left-wing media, which serves as an echo chamber for all their policies. The media obligingly portray those who uphold traditional values as dinosaurs, “weirdos” or “jerks” (as stated by columnist Chris Selley in the National Post, November 8, 2019).

Secondly, the activists effectively portray themselves as victims by promoting the myth that they cannot change their orientation, and that “being gay” is an innate characteristic, such as a born-with disability or one’s race, which requires legal protection and support.

This has proven to be the most successful of all strategies and lies, and was part of a carefully designed campaign.

Background to the Homosexual Campaign for Power

In February 1988, a “war conference” of 175 homosexual activists met in Warrington, Virginia (near Washington, DC) to establish an agenda for the homosexual movement in order to proceed with their cause. At that meeting, two homosexual activists, Harvard graduates Marshall Kirk, a psychologist, and Hunter Madsen, an advertising specialist, presented their manifesto. It proposed dismissing the movement’s established techniques in favour of a carefully calculated propaganda campaign that would lay the groundwork for a new stage in the homosexual revolution. This manifesto was later published in 1989 in the book After the Ball: How America Will Conquer its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90s, published by Doubleday. The goal of this manifesto was to create a specific strategy to obtain power and acceptance by putting homosexual culture into the mainstream, and to silence the opposition. It was to be used to convert the culture so as to give homosexuals power and to codify homosexual behaviour as a “right”, not merely an orientation to be tolerated. The homosexual movement appears to have been stunningly successful in this objective.

The campaign was, and still is, based on the manipulation of the public by way of a very specialized marketing scheme to move the public into the homosexual camp. It has been successful because it was clever and was accomplished without the public being aware of it. In fact, the critical point of the campaign was not to let the public know how and what was being done. This absence of knowledge about the manipulation was necessary because, if it were known that the public was being manipulated on a social issue, it would have tarnished the supposed “nobility” of their cause. Advocates like to claim that they achieved grassroots support, supposedly an expression of the public’s thoughtful views. This was not the case.

The Campaign

The first step in the campaign was to portray those who refused to buy their “product”, i.e. acceptance of homosexuality, as bigots and homophobes who were ignorant, hateful and intolerant. To do so, they placed their opponents in the same category as racists, sexists and other disreputable classes. As a result, those opposing the LGBTQ agenda were placed in an uncomfortable position and mental state. In order not to be seen as a bigot, they had to either rationalize their true beliefs or replace them with new beliefs. This is a key factor, which has resulted in many of the public succumbing to the homosexual demands. They didn’t want to be seen to be out of step with society.

Specifically, Kirk and Madsen recommended the campaign be carried out as follows:

  1. Desensitize the public by a flood of gay-related advertising and promotion. An individual today needs only to turn on the TV any time of day or night to see an endless stream of gay content and references.
  2. Anyone objecting to the homosexual agenda was smeared by linking them to objectionable events, such as the Nazi horrors of the Holocaust or the Ku Klux Klan lynching blacks. Religious figures were portrayed as hysterical backwoods preachers.
  3. The public was to be repeatedly exposed to pictures of gay couples carefully selected to look as ordinary folks, just like the viewers themselves and their friends. Homosexual TV and Hollywood writers regularly portrayed characters opposing homosexuality as absurd and foolish, as in the popular TV series “West Wing”. One episode of this series, for example, carried out what amounted to the character assassination of the popular conservative radio psychologist Dr. Laura Schlessinger. They successfully derailed her move to TV and also from public life.
  4. Kirk and Madsen insisted that the campaign keep the unsavoury details of homosexual practices away from the public. They stated, “First get your foot in the door, by being as similar as possible; then, and only then – when your one little difference is finally accepted – start dragging in your other peculiarities, one by one.” The “little” difference includes sadomasochism, an intensely promiscuous lifestyle, drug-fueled sex parties, multiple sexual partners, and paedophilia, etc. that were experienced and promoted within the homosexual community. Those within the LGBTQ population with these affinities were obliged to keep a low profile during this stage of the campaign. Abhorrent and unhealthy homosexual practices, such as anal-oral sex, anal sex, and fisting were kept well under cover. What many homosexuals actually do was carefully hidden. This has resulted in shifting the debate from their sexual behaviour (which is the only common thread among them) to their supposed “identity”, thus, forcing those raising objections to be perceived as attacking their supposed civil rights, rather than attacking their risky, unhealthy and sterile sexual practices.


We like to think that public opinion arises spontaneously, more or less from ordinary people reacting to their own experiences. It’s not very flattering to think of oneself as being manipulated and influenced by a clever propaganda campaign. However, homosexual activists have successfully used this extensive public relations campaign in order to influence society without the public realizing it. When the lid is blown off the process, most will resent that they have been manipulated.

Despite studies and information to the contrary, the public will continue to be plied with manipulative movies, TV programming, and newspaper articles portraying homosexuals as ordinary, sensitive individuals who are misunderstood and mistreated.

Unsavoury LGBTQ lifestyles, sexual practices, and nasty activities such as intimidating and bullying are totally ignored and are contrary to what is portrayed to the public.

Studies on the LGBTQ Issues

There are many reliable studies that indicate that the lies promoted through homosexual propaganda are not supported by science. Some of these include the pervasive argument that homosexuals are born with their orientation and cannot change, that transgenderism is a reality and not a mental health problem, and that their lifestyles are both normal and a valid choice as an expression of sexuality, with no negative health or societal implications.

A few of these studies are listed below as examples of the many studies that refute homosexual propaganda:

Sexuality and Gender: Findings from the Biological, Psychological, and Social Sciences” by Lawrence S. Mayer, Paul R. McHugh, The New Atlantis, Special Report Fall 2016

Growing Pains: Problems with Puberty Suppression in Treating Gender Dysphoria” by Paul W. Hruz, Lawrence S. Mayer, Paul R. McHugh, The New Atlantis, Spring 2017

How Psychology has Helped Society Accept Homosexuality” by Sam McFarland, American Psychological Association, May 2018

No Single Gene Associated with Being Gay”, BBC, August 2019

Massive Study Finds No Single Genetic Cause of Same-Sex Sexual Behavior” by Sara Reardon, Scientific American, August 2019

There is no ‘gay gene.’ There is no ‘straight gene.’ Sexuality is just complex, study confirms” by Nsikan Akpan, PBS.org, August 2019