WHEREAS many Family Life and Sex Education programs include controversial and explicit material promoting promiscuity, homosexuality and abortion, contrary to the values and religious convictions of many parents;

AND WHEREAS many of these programs are initiated and implemented without input or review from parents, elected school trustees, or concerned individuals in the community;

AND WHEREAS even when parental review and permission is required prior to implementing such programs, the explicit visual contents and controversial resource materials used in these programs are not always disclosed to the parents; and

WHEREAS these sex education programs can, and do, detrimentally affect students’ behaviour and attitudes;

BE IT RESOLVED that the provincial Departments of Education require local school boards to make available to parents and concerned individuals in the community, the entire sex education program, including the resource materials, for their review and assessment and approval prior to their implementation;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that sex education programs not be mandatory, and that parents who wish their children to participate be required to opt into a sex education program.