According to the progressive, left-wing, woke culture, abortion is necessary to protect women and their dignity by allowing them to control their own bodies. This, however, does not appear to be what happens in the abortion industry. In the documentary Life After Abortion (2021), the former owner of five abortion clinics, who subsequently changed her life around and became pro-life, describes what really goes on in abortion clinics.

She stated that abortionists perform abortions on an assembly line basis without changing gloves or sanitizing between each abortion. This system allows the abortionist to complete ten to twelve abortions an hour. This conveyer belt system obviously does not prioritize patients’ safety or dignity, and regards women as only a source of profit. In short, the abortion industry regards women as merely objects with which to make a profit. This reality has been covered up as follows:

  • During the raucous abortion debate in Canada in 1969, which decriminalized abortion under certain circumstances, the then Liberal government, under Pierre Elliott Trudeau, argued that this change was necessary to prevent women from resorting to back alley abortions. Ironically, women today are experiencing another type of back alley abortion, in that they, without any trained medical presence, are performing the abortions on themselves in their homes by way of do-it-yourself abortion pills. Such women must endure pain, bleeding, and trauma alone and are required to observe their dead babies, which they are required to dispose of themselves, usually in the toilet. This can pose a threat to vulnerable women and girls, causing them considerable trauma and distress, considering that the child, at 10 weeks gestation, is already 3-6 cm in length, which they are required to regard as sewage waste. The medical care of women has been abandoned by this process, leading to complications such as: hemorrhage, infection, incomplete pregnancy termination, retained fetal parts, the need for emergency surgery, and even death. It is obvious that complications for abortions would only increase in an unsupervised home setting versus a medical setting. Unsupervised home abortions are highly dangerous.
  • The objective of pro-abortion activists is to establish the notion that abortion is easy, uncomplicated, and has no serious side effects. They argue that once the abortion is completed, the woman can forget about it because the procedure has no long-term consequences.
    However, an abortion study by a New Zealand psychologist, Dr. David Fergusson, published in the Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry (2013), contradicts this notion. The study indicates that abortion has a negative impact on the psychological wellbeing of women. In carrying out this study, Dr. Fergusson, who is personally pro-abortion, intended to disprove that abortion had negative psychological effects on women. He was, therefore, shocked to learn from his study that 42% of women who had abortions experienced major depression, double that of women who never became pregnant. The study also indicated that women who have had abortions are twice as likely to drink alcohol at dangerous levels and three times as likely to be addicted to illegal substances. Finally, the study found that the risk of anxiety disorders doubled after an abortion.
    Dr. Fergusson’s well-designed study spanned the course of 25 years, but he had great difficulty having his paper published. This was a surprise to him as, typically, his studies were accepted for publication on the first attempt.
    In effect, this important study was suppressed, since it contradicted the pro-abortion narrative that abortion carried no serious aftereffects. Feminists have remained silent about this study too. They are supposed to care about women, but apparently not when it comes to the issue of abortion, for which they prefer the truth be hidden.
  • Abortion Bubble Zone Legislation Is a Farce
    According to information obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by Patricia Maloney, an Ottawa pro-life researcher and writer, there is no evidence anywhere in Ontario to support the bubble zone legislation. There were no complaints made to the police that women seeking an abortion were harassed outside the clinic or that the abortion staff had been assaulted by pro-life counsellors. This indicates that the bubble zone legislation was passed for purely political and ideological reasons. The sole purpose of the legislation obviously was not to protect women and abortion staff, but was solely to protect the profit-making abortion clinics.
    In other words, the legislation was to prevent pregnant and distressed women from learning about alternatives to abortion and about the availability of help to assist them through their pregnancy. Once informed, many women refuse to go forward with the abortion. This leads to the abortion clinic experiencing a profit loss. The bubble zone abortion legislation is in place only to maintain the abortion clinic’s profits and has nothing whatsoever to do with dignity, respect, and the care of women.

These examples show that the abortion industry is using lies and suppression of information to carry out this callous and hideous activity.