by Gwen Landolt.  August 13, 2013.

In the controversy that has arisen in regard to REAL Women’s criticism of Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird, some significant points have been omitted from the discussion and it fails to report accurately our views.

REAL Women deplores the persecution of homosexuals and the jailing of individuals because of their orientation.  This is not a newly minted policy. It was stated in our publication “Reality” – November, December, 2012:

“Reasonable people would agree that homosexuals should not be tortured, jailed or killed merely because of their sexual orientation.”

We agree with Mr. Baird who states that “someone being put to death because they are a sexual minority is abhorrent to Canadian values”. However, this is not the law in either Russia or Uganda. The Russian law in question concerns itself mainly with eliminating homosexual indoctrination of minors. Although the law in Uganda does include a provision for jailing of practising homosexuals, which latter law REAL Women does not support, it does not include any provision for putting homosexuals to death.

The fact is, Mr. Baird gave $200,000.00 of the taxpayers’ money to homosexual groups in Uganda to promote political agitation there.  REAL Women has no objection to Canada speaking out against violations of human rights if it is carried out appropriately, in dealing with sovereign nations such as through diplomatic channels, the media, Parliament and the imposition of economic sanctions which has proved to be effective in ending apartheid in South Africa, and is working today in Iran.

REAL Women’s further concern is that, in Canada, freedom of religion and freedom of expression are being denied.  Homosexual activists insist that their rights should be given precedence over the rights and freedoms of others.  As a result, those who have faith-based beliefs or hold traditional values, are not permitted to express or act on their values, under the threat of losing their employment, or being brought before, and severely punished by, human rights tribunals.

REAL Women has experienced an orchestrated campaign of hate and intimidation as a result of the media coverage.

Source:  REAL Women of Canada