Pornography Is a Public Health and Safety Problem

WHEREAS pornography is a highly profitable business which massively commodifies sexuality, depicting child abuse, rape, sex trafficking, non-consensual images of private acts, sadism, and misogyny as normal behaviour, and

WHEREAS pornography is radicalizing society, leading to the objectifying of women and children and normalizing harmful sexual acts, and

WHEREAS women are manipulated and misled to participate directly in and to view pornography in the misguided belief that it provides them liberation and empowerment, and

WHEREAS pornography destroys the flourishing of human relationships between men and women based on mutual respect and empathy, and

WHEREAS pornography is a harmful force to men, women, and children that is a critical public health and public safety concern.

BE IT RESOLVED that pornographic organizations, which are freely operating on the internet, including MindGeek, located in Montreal, which owns and operates over 100 pornography sites worldwide, be regulated by the requirement that they obtain verifiable consent for images used on their sites, and provide age verification for those accessing pornographic services, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that credit card companies, banks, and all payment apps such as PayPal be mandated to suspend payments for purchase of all pornography on the internet since this serves as a strong deterrent to pornographic use.



Widening Access to Drugs does not Decrease Substance Abuse or Drug Overdose Deaths

WHEREAS the federal Liberal government’s response to increased substance abuse and drug overdose deaths has been to expand access to drugs by addicts by way of drug consumption sites, decriminalization of drugs in small amounts for personal use, and the provision of Safe Supply of drugs for addicts whereby the government provides free drugs to addicts to supposedly prevent addicts from purchasing contaminated drugs off the streets and

WHEREAS these policies have not been proven to decrease illicit substance abuse or drug overdose deaths, and

WHEREAS permitting legal access to drugs by addicts increases their addiction and the number of drug overdose deaths, and

WHEREAS legislation that prohibits drug use has a deterrent effect, which impacts attitudes towards drug use and allows for law enforcement to redirect addicts for treatment and required social services to support them in recovery; and

WHEREAS drug abuse is curtailed by prevention, treatment and recovery based on increased mental and physical health care services, as well as other social services and financial support, to remove the causes of addiction which include mental and physical illness, family instability, educational dysfunction, and poverty.

BE IT RESOLVED that treatment and support resources to prevent drug addiction be provided since it is the only effective response to illicit substance abuse and overdose deaths, and that the expansion of access to drugs to addicts cease immediately.