by Alex Schadenberg.  February  07, 2014.

What can I do to stop Québec’s euthanasia Bill 52?

You can sign the online petition: Québec’s euthanasia Bill 52 is lethal.
Stop Bill 52 Petition at:

You can email Québec politicians to urge them to stop Bill 52:

Bertrand St-Arnaud, Québec’s Minister of Justice and Attorney General:

Dr Réjean Hébert, Québec’s Minister of Health and Social Services:

You can contact the Hon. Peter MacKay, Justice Minister of Canada, and urge him, that if Bill 52 passes: to equally protect every Canadian from euthanasia by challenging Bill 52 in the court as unconstitutional and to bring an injunction against Bill 52. Bill 52 is unconstitutional because it redefines an act of lethal injection as “health care.”

Hon. Peter MacKay: 284 Wellington St., Ottawa, ON, K1A 0H8 or email: Letters are better than email.

You can contact the group Vivre dans la Dignité (Living with Dignity) in Quebec for further instructions:

What should I know about Québec’s euthanasia Bill 52?

*   Bill 52 will give Québec doctors the right to lethally inject their patients when they are physically or psychological suffering.

*    Bill 52 does not limit euthanasia to terminally ill people. The bill states that a person must be at the end of life but the bill doesn’t define “end of life” and it allows euthanasia for psychological suffering, which cannot be defined.

*    Bill 52 targets people with disabilities. The bill states that a person must be in “an advanced and irreversible decline of function.” Many people with disabilities fit this criteria. Since the bill does not define “end of life,” euthanasia will be easily extended to people with disabilities.

*    Euthanasia is a form of homicide (murder) in the federal Criminal Code.

*    Bill 52 defines killing by euthanasia as a part of “health care” in order to avoid the federal Criminal Code prohibition from lethally injecting someone.

*    Bill 52 defines “medical aid in dying” (euthanasia) as a part of end-of-life care.
*    Bill 52 creates a right to end-of-life care. Since euthanasia is defined as part of end-of-life care, the bill therefore creates a right to euthanasia.

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Source: Euthanasia Prevention Coalition