abortion-causes-breast-cancer-300x161In recent years, women have been experiencing soaring rates of breast cancer. It is now the leading cancer afflicting Western women: one woman in eight.

Where abortions are prohibited by the law, or frowned upon by religious belief, women have low breast cancer rates. Whereas, in countries where abortions are readily available, such as Canada, where it is publicly funded, and in the US, breast cancer rates have shot up.

Numerous early studies implicated abortion with soaring rates of breast cancer. These studies were rejected.

Why did this happen? The rejection of the abortion/breast cancer link was not due to scientific studies on the issue.  The reason was that governments in the West have become directly involved in funding nearly all medical research.  Such research has become dependent on the political views of the government and the researchers, not on the value of the research.  Cancer societies and abortion advocates are exerting political pressure to prevent the abortion/breast cancer link from receiving research monies because they fear that if this link is exposed, they will lose billions of dollars.

In Canada, medical funding is carried out by the government-funded Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), which is allocated over $1 billion annually to dispense medical research funds to scientists across the country. Governments and the funding establishments, such as CIHR, are political and this leads to funding based on ideological, populist or partisan reasons.  For example, we know that CIHR is a liberal, “progressive” funding organization by the fact that it gave over $18 million, between the years 2001 and 2011, to the political lobbyist who advocated for the establishment of Vancouver’s drug injection site.  The fact that CIHR knew or ought to have known of this conflict of interest by these researchers is significant.  Further, CIHR has not funded any research to determine whether there are detrimental effects to drug injection sites or the abortion-breast cancer link.

Abortion is highly politicized in Canada as in the US. The US National Cancer Institute changed its official description of the risks caused by abortion when its political masters took control.  In effect, abortion became too hot to handle and researchers now receive no funding at all to determine whether abortion causes risks to women’s lives.  Yet studies from non-Western countries, such as China and India, are exposing a robust statistical link between abortion and breast cancer.

Breast cancer is killing women. Twenty-five thousand women were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 and 5,000 women in Canada died of breast cancer that year.  The link between abortion and breast cancer should be a focus of independent scientific research in order to allow women to, at least, make an informed decision on this issue.  Instead, scientific research on abortion has bent to meet political imperatives.   Women are dying from breast cancer because the information about its frightening link to abortion is not being provided them.

Feminists are far more interested in retaining their ideological position on abortion as a “choice”, supposedly to make women equal to men, rather than in protecting the lives of women by researching the link between breast cancer and abortion. Feminists have a lot to answer for, as have cancer societies and the abortion industry.

REALity  Volume XXXV Issue No. 11 November 2016