WHEREAS Canada needs and welcomes immigrants, who add vitality and many new initiatives to our nation; and,

WHEREAS Immigrants are entitled to all the rights, freedoms and protections under Canadian law, including the right to life; and,

WHEREAS Immigrants from some cultures, such as those located in South Asia and the Middle East, have, by long standing tradition, accepted the killing of girls and women by male family members to purportedly protect the family’s reputation and honour; and,

WHEREAS Such deaths are repugnant and abhorrent to Canadian culture, laws and our democratic process; and,

WHEREAS Deaths based on ”honour killing” are never acceptable or tolerable in Canada.

BE IT RESOLVED That one of the conditions required before admission to Canada, by new immigrants, is that they must agree to adhere to Canadian standards of morality and law and to respect all human life, which precludes the taking of human life by way of “honour killings”; and,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED That if any immigrant admitted to Canada fails to comply with this condition, he/she will be subject to immediate deportation.