by C. Gwendolyn Landolt.  November 11, 2014.

Ontario Liberal Premier, Kathleen Wynne, has announced that she plans to have in place a sex-education program for Ontario’s school children by September 2015.  There has been no public consultation on this program, and no input from the school trustees.

This program was devised previously by Ms. Wynne when she was the Minister of Education together with her Deputy Minister of Education, Benjamin Levin.  The latter has subsequently been charged with the offences of making and distributing child pornography and sex exploitation.  Ms. Wynne, known publicly as a lesbian, together with the above-mentioned former Deputy Minister of Education, have developed this sex-ed program for vulnerable children as perceived through their own personal distorted lenses.

In an attempt to give some respectability to this alarming program, the Premier has proposed that a parent from each school be hand-picked by the principal to be asked leading questions on the proposed program.  This is ludicrous.  One parent cannot possibly represent the views of all the other parents at that school.  This is a bogus attempt to pretend a consultation has taken place with the public.

These promoters of the sex-education program know or should know, but have obviously ignored, the fact that numerous studies indicate that sexual knowledge does not necessarily mean that adolescents will have safer sex behavior.  This is because there are complex factors which influence teens’ sexual decisions.  They rely heavily on emotional and social influences in making such decisions.   In short, adolescents engage in risky sexual behaviors despite knowing and understanding consequences, since their brain is still developing in areas key to the regulation of behavior, emotion, and the perception and evaluation of risk and reward.

Further, anyone who knows anything about children knows that children in grade one to grade three are not interested in gender identity and sexual orientation as was set out in Ms. Wynne’s 2010 curriculum, nor are children in grade 6 interested in being introduced to the pleasures of masturbation and vaginal lubrication.

The real reason behind this sexual education program is to sexualize children before they are ready – psychologically, emotionally and physically.  That is, such a program grooms the children to engage in early sexual activity.  By these programs, children are instructed to believe that promiscuous sex is normal, acceptable and expected of them.  This puts additional pressure on adolescents to become sexually active, before they might otherwise do so, and makes them vulnerable and easy prey for sexual predators.

Ms. Wynne’s sex curriculum is a poor tool to assist adolescents with their sexuality.  Parents who know their children best, and who have their own values and perspectives, are better placed to carry out this responsibility than the so-called “experts” who impose their own distorted values on children by way of this program.

Source: Media Release, REAL Women of Canada