Ottawa, Ontario                                                                                                         March 8, 2022


Media Release


Making Funeral Arrangements for the Conservative Party


It appears that the Establishment Tories who run the Conservative Party have now arranged for the party’s funeral.

This is apparent from two recent developments.

The Leadership Election Organizing Committee’s (LEOC) decision to wait seven months until September 10, 2022 for the leadership vote is a glaring example.  One would have hoped that the Conservative Party would be in a position to act decisively and with a sense of purpose.  This is not the case.  Apart from the key dates of setting April 19, 2022 for candidates to announce their bid to be party leader, and June 3, 2022 for party memberships to be purchased, it is clear that a long-run process has been adopted. Its purpose is to ensure that Club Laurentian – made up of Establishment Red, Pink and Blue Tories – who think Canada revolves around the Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal Triangle, does not lose control of the Party to a leader and a membership inspired by conservative values of freedom, family, public thrift and less government interference in their lives, and an economy that is reflective of those values.  This can be the only explanation for the federal Tories to sleepwalk in the spring and summer months.  This gives Trudeau and his Liberal apparatchiks time to regroup and rehabilitate from their damaged image in the aftermath of the disastrous declaration under the Emergencies Act.

Simply put, instead of structuring a race that focuses on principles, policies and effective leadership to attain those policies, the LEOC is offering a process to sign up new members to win.  This basically amounts to buying one’s way into the leadership.  Fixated on the cult of leadership, the process is geared toward divining who has the “brand” to make them electable in Ontario’s 416/905 ridings and those parts of Quebec not interested in the Bloc Québecois.  The result is a process that is crude and corrupt from the outset, a process that elevates money and personality over principle and policy.

The second disastrous event is the promotion of Jean Charest as a Conservative leader.  Charest is recycled from the past, where he served as an extremely Red Tory MP, and later, as a Liberal Premier of Quebec from 2003-2012.  There is no way that Charest can ever unite the party or connect with its rank and file voters.  He is part of the political elite that expects to run the party like it has done in the old days.  His time is past.  Canada is a far different country today than in Charest’s heyday.

This is due to the fact that the values and policies of liberal socialism that have infected Canada for several generations, have been a failure.  Policies on energy, education, health care, trade (internal and external), drugs, housing, public finances, communications, have failed Canadians.  Left-of-centre, Liberal-lite policies are no longer acceptable.  Continuing with these values and policies guarantees deeper divisions and discontent within Canada.  This is the time for bold ideas, not old worn policies that are rejected by the public.

What is to be done?

The values and mood of the Canadian public can no longer be ignored.   Unless the Conservative Party grasps this essential fact, there is no hope for it, only its funeral to be arranged.

Canadians of all outlooks deserve a political party that expresses their views. At the risk of stating the obvious, no political party is perfect.  However, some are better than others.

A new Conservative Party must be created and the old party buried.



For further information contact:

Pauline Guzik, National President

Cathy Smith, Western Canada Board Member

REAL Women of Canada