Ottawa, Ontario                                                                                                       April 30, 2020

Media Release 

Failing to Silence Social Conservatives

Journalists do not hide their bias in favour of Red Tories in covering the Conservative Party leadership race. Their objective is to wipe out the social conservative perspective in Canada which they find distasteful, even deplorable. They consider it to be their right to peel off social conservative candidates in the Conservative leadership race one by one by destroying their credibility. They want to have all five political parties exclude traditional social values from their policies and only represent leftist socialist views. A weakened democracy would be the result.

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer was relentlessly pursued by media which pointed out his alleged inadequacies, the most egregious of which was his Roman Catholic beliefs on which he based his views on marriage and abortion.

Leadership candidate Richard Décarie was undermined for holding a position on same sex attraction contrary to the views of LGBTQ activists. Mr. Décarie’s views, however, can be supported by some competent scientific studies.

It is significant that these journalists have decided that marching in the Toronto Gay Pride parade is a litmus test for leadership of a Conservative party which has numerous democratically established family policies. Why is the media not concerned about other minority cultural parades, such as the popular Caribana parade held in Toronto each summer? Why the discrimination?

The party’s Leadership Election Organizing Committee (LOEC) rejected Mr. Décarie’s application without giving a reason.

Jim Karahalios was the next candidate to be targeted, his application also rejected, no reason given. Mr. Karahalios has appealed this rejection to the Superior Court of Ontario, the arguments to be heard May 15, 2020.

Another social conservative candidate, Leslyn Lewis, is a black female lawyer, which placed the media in an awkward position, since criticism of her could be considered sexist, racist, or misogynistic. As a result, she has largely been left uncriticized by the media.

The only remaining social conservative candidate was lawyer and elected MP, Derek Sloan, an articulate advocate for the conservative values on which Canada was built. He was attacked for calling for the resignation of Canada’s hapless Chief Public Health Officer, Dr Theresa Tam, for consistently parroting the UN’s World Health Organization which conformed to Communist China’s propaganda on the COVID-19 pandemic. Mr. Sloan asked for whom Dr. Tam was working – WHO or Canada. Dr. Tam has strong ties with WHO, as she is a member of the IOAC (Independent Oversight and Advisory Committee) of WHO. Mr. Sloan was vigorously condemned by the media for his supposed “racist” views. Others beside Mr. Sloan have also condemned Dr. Tam for failing to protect Canadians from the coronavirus. These included Jason Kenney, premier of Alberta, and many Chinese and Hong Kong Canadians who endorsed Mr. Sloan’s statements.

It appears from this condemnation of Mr. Sloan that permission to criticize public officials depends on the colour of their skin. Reason and common sense indicate it doesn’t matter whether Dr. Tam’s background is Chinese or French. That is not the issue. The issue is her competence and actions, which are questionable and therefore should be criticized.

It was necessary to bypass this obvious point in order for the media to attack Mr. Sloan and claim he was inadequate to continue on in the Conservative leadership race.

The manipulative media may feel their smears have decimated social conservatives and paved the way for their two favourite soulmates, Red Tories Peter MacKay and Erin O’Toole, to win the race.

But fact-based approaches are what Canadians want at this time. It will be up to grass-roots party members to decide who will be the leader, not jittery Conservative elites who are manipulating the election or headline grabbing media with their own agenda.


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