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Ottawa, Ontario
September 4, 2013



REAL Women has posted the English translation of the Russian law on the “Protection of Children from Information that Promotes Negation of Traditional Family Values.”   This is an  amendment to the 2010 law “On Protection of Children from Information Harmful to their Health and Development.”  The law prohibits the promotion of any sexual lifestyle harmful to minors. The law also forbids any act which promotes the use of intoxicating drugs or alcohol, denies family values, promotes gambling or offending language. Please read it at,  our website.


This law has been analyzed by an international team of legal experts from Canada, Slovakia and the United Kingdom.  (The Slovak lawyer is a former Cabinet Member and Deputy Prime Minister). These legal experts have concluded that the Russian law does not violate any human rights code and that Russia has a democratic right to legislate in this area.


Source: REAL Women of Canada

Click here to download the English translation  of the Russian Federation Law  
Click here for the Opinion of the Russian Law on Protection of Children by: Roger Kiska, Daniel Lipsic and Paul Coleman