WHEREAS the G-8 Summit is to meet In Huntsville, Ontario on June 25 and 26, 2010;

AND WHEREAS Prime Minister Stephen Harper as president of this year’s G-8 Summit, has stated that he wishes to include as a priority, a major initiative to improve the maternal and child health in the world’s poorest nations;

AND WHEREAS the Prime Minister further stated that these initiatives would include clean water, nutritious food, health care and especially good maternal care to allow babies to be born safely and to thrive.

AND WHEREAS the federal Liberal party and Canadian feminist organizations wish to include abortion and contraception and the funding for such as a part of the G-8 maternal health care resolution. 

AND WHEREAS, including abortion and contraception in the G-8 maternal health care resolution will impose unacceptable western practices on the population of third world countries, as such policies are contrary to their culture and religion.

BE IT RESOLVED that REAL Women of Canada request Prime Minister Harper to exclude abortion and contraception, from the G-8 Summit agreement on maternal health care.