WHEREAS there is a paucity of scientific evidence that marijuana has any beneficial medical effect, and

WHEREAS marijuana activists promote marijuana as a medicine in order to increase its availability as well as to provide the perception that marijuana use provides little or no risk, and

WHEREAS studies indicate that the use of marijuana increases when there is a perception that it provides little risk to users, and

WHEREAS the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) has raised concerns about the safety of the medical use of marijuana, and has requested its members to refuse to participate in any scheme in which marijuana is distributed for purported medical purposes and

WHEREAS, the decision to provide marijuana for medical use in Canada was based solely on a decision handed down by the Ontario Court of Appeal in the year 2000, which decision applied only to the province of Ontario, and

WHEREAS the former federal Liberal government applied the Ontario Appeal Court decision on marijuana for use as medicine, across Canada,

BE IT RESOLVED that the federal government prohibit the use of marijuana as a medicine until such time it is proven by scientific evidence to have medical benefits.