Ottawa November 30, 2017

Men Beware. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has appointed radical feminist Sheilah Martin from the Alberta Court of Appeal, to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Judge Martin has a long history of radical feminist activism, including the following:

• edited a feminist book in 1987 called: “The Dynamic Nature of Equality” in Equality and Judicial Neutrality, (Toronto: Carswell, 1987). This book included articles from prominent feminists, including that of her feminist sister on the Supreme Court, Rosalie Abella, who was previously appointed to the Supreme Court in 2004;

• obtained her doctorate in law from the University of Toronto in 1991. Her thesis was titled: Legal Controls on Human Reproductions in Canada: A History of Gender Biased Laws and The Promise of The Charter”;

• on October the 18th, 1996, she gave the keynote address to the legal arm of the feminist movement, The Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF) honoring the feminists’ “persons day” celebration;

• taught feminist legal theories, among other subjects, at the University of Calgary Law School and trained judges on how to eliminate rape myths and stereotypes from their courts;

• argued numerous cases before the Supreme Court of Canada on behalf of LEAF and the Alberta Association of Sexual Assault Centers;

• Contributed to the feminist book: Women’s Legal Strategies in Canada (2003) on the topic of abortion litigation in which she analyzed the Supreme Court decision which struck down the abortion law in R. v. Morgentaler.

Judge Martin’s appointment to the Supreme Court of Canada has maintained the Supreme Court’s gender balance of 4 women and 5 men.

Judge Martin’s name was included in the short list recommended by the partisan Advisory Board for the Supreme Court of Canada Appointments, headed by another feminist, former conservative leader and Prime Minister (for two months in 1993), Kim Campbell.

On December 4th, 2017 Judge Martin will appear before the House of Commons, Human Rights Committee for a special hearing, accompanied by the feminist Minister of Justice, Jody Wilson-Raybould, to explain why Martin was nominated. We already know.