WHEREAS, the March, 2007 budget, by the Conservative Government of Canada included a provision that $300 million be allotted to cover the cost of the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination program for girls and young women with each province and territory to determine if the vaccinations would be mandatory or voluntary.

 WHEREAS, the HPV vaccine has not been tested for pre-teen girls on whom it is proposed the HPV be administered, and

WHEREAS, the HPV vaccine has neurological side effects including severe headaches, dizziness, temporary loss of vision, slurred speech, fainting (seizures), joint pains, muscle weakness, and involuntary contraction of limbs, and

WHEREAS, the long-term effectiveness and safety of HPV is not known, and

 WHEREAS, HPV is not a communicable disease, but is spread only through sexual contact, and

WHEREAS, the HPV vaccination addresses only four of the more than a hundred types of STDs, and

WHEREAS, the HPV vaccine requires a three-injection regime which costs $360 US, and

WHEREAS, if HPV vaccine is mandatory, it will interfere with parental rights in that it will undermine their parental right to determine their children’s health care, and

WHEREAS, any opt-out clause for parents for the use of this vaccine for their adolescent daughters, will place an improper burden on parents if they do not support the use of this vaccine for medical, religious or moral reasons, and

WHEREAS, the family, not the state, should decide whether the HPV vaccine be administered to a child,

BE IT RESOLVED, that REAL Women of Canada, which is committed to support, protect and advocate the right of parents to direct the upbringing, health care and education of their children, make representations to government, both provincial and federal, to oppose the concept of mandatory HPV vaccinations for school children.