By: Candice Malcolm, Journalist, Founder & Editor-In-Chief, True North, a conservative online digital media platform

The following is a summary of the talk delivered by our guest speaker Candice Malcolm at REAL Women of Canada’s Annual General Meeting, June 24, 2023, in Toronto.

Thank you to Patrick Redmond for the summary.

Feminist lies have impacted women . The lies include that a boy can be a girl and a girl can be a boy. They also include the myth that puberty problems mean you have been born in the wrong body and the solution is to take drugs or having life altering surgery.

Body positivity is also promoted. This can include the lies that being overweight , being a slut , violent images around sex and easy access to sex, such as by using the Pornhub website, are all good things.

Much of this has been promoted since the early 2000s.  Popular television shows such as “Sex and the City” glorified the lifestyles of  beautiful and happy women , in their 30s and 40s. They lived like men, having careers, climbing corporate ladders, having no children, and enjoying sex like men with no strings attached and not setting themselves up for a relationship. However, this random, hook-up sex was wrong. It was a recipe for misery.

The first major lie that feminism promotes is that one can have casual sex with no strings attached. This is wrong.  Rather than telling women that they should expect more from men, they were told to follow the ways of men. With the internet, social media and apps on Smart Phones, many women try to meet men through apps such as Tinder.  Tinder has 75 million users.  Men use it for random sex or out of boredom.  Women use it for validation or because it is trendy.

A second major  lie is that abortion is a fundamental human right. Women are encouraged to have casual sex whenever they want and use birth control and abortion if necessary.  This separates them from their natural biology. Women are not told about the true nature of abortion – what happens in and after an abortion.

In 2011,  an article in  the British Journal of Psychology examined 877,000 women of which 164,000 had abortions. 81% of women who had abortions were more likely to experience    tramatic mental health issues as a result.   34% were more likely to develop anxiety disorder, 37%  were more likely to experience depression, many were likely to take alcohol or drugs, and many were more likely to commit suicide.

Some in the medical community call this the post abortion syndrome.  It produces changes in mood, such as grief and anger, mild flashback,  substance abuse, depression and anxiety.  Relationships can be affected. These are things that are never talked about.

When you hear people like Justin Trudeau and Patrick Brown and others talk about abortion, they do  not talk about the true meaningful reality of the problems abortion causes women.  Internet apps hide the impact of post abortion syndrome. Many scholarly articles deny that there is a post abortion syndrome. However, a training manual from an abortion study at the  University of California at San Francisco  identified many of the problems abortion causes, including perforation of the uterus, bleeding, excessive pain and death. Women rarely hear about these problems. To address the lie of abortion, we need to address the first issue of sexual liberation .

The third major lie that feminism promotes is that a good education and career are the path to happiness.  Women should earn the same as men and should smash the glass ceiling, becoming an executive, a lawyer, a doctor or the like. Women are told to devote the most important years of their lives to these objectives. Many do just that, spending their  20s and 30s focusing on their careers.  They wake up without a partner with whom they want to have children.  Some say they will wait till they are 35 or 40 to have a child.

Many say they will adopt a child if necessary.  However, that is not easy.  In the US, for every one child placed in the adoption system,  there are 30 families hoping to get a child. The idea that there are many unwanted children is not true. There are so many who want to adopt but cannot. Cardus released a study on the child gap in Canada, stating that about 60% of women reaching the end of their reproductive years wish they had had more children, that they had started having children earlier and wish that they had had 2 or 3 children.  The fertility rate in Canada now is 1.4.

Men have been affected by the feminist lies as well. One of the reasons Jordan Peterson had such success was that he started tapping into a nerve. He started speaking to young, disaffected men who felt that no one was ever talking to them, that no one told them the truth. Jordan Peterson told them to stand up and take responsibilty for their lives. He had an unbelievable impact around the world.

Many women now feel like they are being lied to. Others have lied to them and they have lied to themselves. They don’t believe these lies any more. The promotion of hookup sex and porn is being rejected. Gen Z report the lowest levels of sexual intercourse of any generation. They don’t want any part of it. Justin Trudeau pushes government child care because he wants women back in the workforce as soon as possible. That is not what women want. They want to be with their children. They want to spend their children’s early years with them.

We need to tell women to say no to hookup culture, no to random sex, no to abortion, no to the lie that the greatest satisfaction comes from your career. Men will respect women more who say this. Say yes to our children and no to work. That way we can write a better chapter for our children.

There is a real opportunity for groups such as REAL Women of Canada to tell young women that there is no shame in wanting to have a family. It is the most natural thing in the world and it is the thing that will lead to great satisfaction, joy and peace. Say yes to our children and start writing a better chapter in their lives.