REALity  Volume XXXV Issue No. 8 August

(a) Movies Not Pro-Homosexual Enough

Pressure on the media to include more homosexual characters has been instigated by the LGBT lobby group GLAAD.  This group measures, for example, the quantity, quality and diversity of LGBT people in films from the seven largest motion picture studios in Hollywood and their subsidiaries.  Homosexual activists admit their strategy is to influence acceptance of homosexuality through the media – television, movies and mainstream news.  That is, they admit that their strategy is to influence the entertainment industry to push their cause.

According to GLAAD, out of 126 releases from major studios, in 2015, only 22 of them, or 17.5%, included LGBT characters.  This is exactly the same percentage reported in 2014.  However, 2015 was, nonetheless, a banner year for the LGBT agenda with gender-bending movies like “The Danish Girl” and “Tangerine”.  It is significant, however, that these films have failed at the box office.  “The Danish Girl” cost $25,000,000 to produce and grossed only $12,706,393.  The movie “Tangerine” only grossed $701,837 at the box office.  On the other hand, seven of the top ten movies at the box office contained a pro-family message.  The Christian movie “God’s Not Dead” grossed close to $61 million in 2014. 

According to GLAAD, the film industry must embrace new and inclusive stories in its production if it wants to remain competitive and relevant.  However, according to the Christian movies with gay characters have, consistently, with few exceptions, been a disaster at the box office.  

The persistent level of propaganda by the media, nonetheless, has led to the false perception that the number of homosexuals is more than 10 times higher than it is.  According to Statistics Canada, in 2014, homosexuals/lesbians constituted, at most, 1.7% of the population.  One would never know this, from all the bias and deception of the media.

Why then is the media focussing on this tiny minority which is trying to change society to promote its specific and unhealthy lifestyle?

(b) Pressure on Disney to Turn Queen Elsa of “Frozen” into a Lesbian and “Captain America” into a Homosexual

(i) Animated movie “Frozen”

The highest grossing animated film, “Frozen”, created by Disney in 2013, earned more than $1 billion at the box office.  This film has reached into the hearts and minds of children across the world.  Disney announced in March, 2016, that a sequel, “Frozen2”, is being planned. This has given rise to pressure from the LGBT advocacy group GLAAD, to demand that Disney turn the lead character, Elsa, into a lesbian in Frozen2.  The LGBT activists are hoping that Frozen2 will become a vehicle to indoctrinate children that homosexuality is just as normal and valid as heterosexuality.

Disney films are for children and their entertainment should not be spoiled by an adult agenda about sexuality.

To offset the pressure from the homosexual activists, a petition against this absurd notion has been initiated.  It requests that Disney have Elsa fall in love with her male Prince Charming.  To sign this petition, please go to:     If you do not have access to a computer, please contact REAL Women’s national office (1-613-236-4001) to obtain a copy of the petition.

(ii) Captain America: Civil War – a Love Affair With the Public

The recent movie, Captain America: Civil War, produced by Marvel Cinematic Universe, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Disney, has grossed more than any other movie this year, from both domestic and international box offices.  Captain America is portrayed in the movie as a God-fearing, freedom loving fighter for law and liberty.   These characteristics have not been well received by the LGBT community.   They complain that the movie has excluded the gay community and its values and is, therefore, unacceptable.  They have denounced the film, particularly, for its “heterosexual virility” since the film leaves no doubt that Captain America and his friend Bucky Barnes, prefer women over men.

The studio has responded to GLAAD’s pressure, emphasizing that its main goal is to create adaptations that complement and properly utilize comic books.  This unfortunately, might change unless the studio is aware that movie goers reject this concept of their hero.

Please write to:

Kevin Feige, President
Marvel Studios
500 S Buena Vista St.
Burbank, California 91521

Please insist that our hero, Captain America, remain his virile heterosexual self!