by Cecilia Forsyth.   November 5, 2013

At the recent national Conservative Party Convention, members of REAL Women of Canada worked with other like-minded individuals and pro-life leaders to pass the following two important policy resolutions:

Policy on Euthanasia

The Conservative Party will not support any legislation to legalize euthanasia or assisted suicide.

Policy on Equality of Women

The Conservative Party condemns discrimination against girls through gender selection.

While party policy is not binding on the Prime Minister, it is a statement of principle strongly supported by the party members, who are reflective of grassroots Canadians.

It would be worthwhile to send a note to express your personal support of these two policy resolutions to the Prime Minister and to your own Member of Parliament

The Rt Hon Stephen Harper
Fax: 1-613-941-6900

Your own MP
for contact information:  go to or telephone 1.866.599.4999

Source:   REAL Women of Canada