Ottawa, Ontario                                                                                July 10, 2020

Free Webinar on Grandparent Alienation

Veteran family law lawyer, Gene C. Colman, will be presenting a free webinar next Thursday night, July 16 at 7 p.m. The topic is: “Grandparent Alienation: How Do We Address It?”

Gene C. Colman and his wife are blessed with seven children and fourteen grandchildren. He speaks not only from a depth of knowledge about family law but also from his very personal identification with the crucial role that grandparents must play in their grandchildren’s lives.

REAL Women of Canada is proud to co-sponsor this webinar. REAL Women of Canada has partnered in the past over common issues of concern with Mr. Colman. He is a founding member of the Canadian Equal Parenting Council and co-authored the brief that our organization submitted with others to the House of Commons Justice Committee re amendments to the Divorce Act. Mr. Colman’s commitment to traditional family values is reflected in what he will have to say about grandparents and grandchildren.

Go to Mr. Colman’s website to sign up in advance:

Although the webinar is free to attend, you are encouraged to make a donation the the North York Harvest Food Bank. Feel free to share this notice with anyone who might be interested.