WHEREAS our young people have frequently been told by teachers, by prominent authors, by psychologists and celebrities, by newspapers and television, and possibly by parents and pastors, that life is based on the following:


There is no right or wrong. Morality is subjective.

There are no absolute rules to govern behaviour.

AND WHEREAS after having been indoctrinated for years in the belief that there are no absolute standards of right an wrong, suddenly youth are told that it is wrong to openly express sexual attraction to females, that it is wrong to be disrespectful of females in any way, and that it is wrong to participate in any activity which portrays or promotes violence against females;

AND WHEREAS the philosophy which has come to unduly influence Canadian society and our education system in Hedonism (the doctrine that pleasure is the chief good in life, and that maximizing pleasure is therefore the purpose of life itself);

AND WHEREAS if Canadian society persists in the hedonistic belief that there are no moral absolutes, and if our educational system continues to teach this to students, violence against women will continue with, or without the banning of pornography;

AND WHEREAS the collective wisdom of time-honoured social experience, supported by studies, indicates that sex outside marriage is detrimental to personal dignity and relationships. (Neither sex must view the other as a vehicle for sexual exploitation);

BE IT RESOLVED that mutual love, respect, and human dignity, based on the moral absolutes of traditional family values, is the best way to resolve the problem of family violence;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that REAL Women of Canada communicate its views in writing to the Minister of Health, the provincial Ministers of Social Services, and to the Minister of Women’s Issues in each province and in the federal government.


[1] With thanks to John Carpay who provided much of the rationale for this resolution.