REALity  Volume XXXVI  Issue No. 11 November 2017

If it’s a straight story, such as an earthquake in Italy or Mexico, or a hurricane in the Caribbean or Florida, the left-wing mainstream media in Canada, may tell the story responsibly. If the story has to do with an issue about which the left wing media have a vested interest, you can be certain that they will abandon straight news reporting and take on the role of advocates in their presentation.

The issues that agitate the left-wing media are abortion, physician assisted suicide, homosexual rights, including same-sex marriage and benefits, stamping out “hate speech” (according to the definitions provided by the left), gender identity, legalized marijuana, drug injection sites, Donald Trump (whom they hate), organizations, such as Black Lives Matter or Occupy Now. When these matters are the subject of a story, the media change their mission.  They no longer wish to educate the public, but instead, take the opportunity to indoctrinate.  Every story features a warm positive interview with one or two individuals who are sympathetic to the media’s perspective.  One or two brief phrases may (but not always) be added in the last paragraph or two from someone with an opposing perspective.  The objective truth about these issues is invariably lost in putting the story to the printed page.

This is why the left-wing media have failed to report a number of the following truths:

Assisted Suicide

Although five US states and the District of Columbia have approved assisted suicide, all attempts to legalize it in 2017 have failed. Assisted suicide bills were defeated in Maine, Hawaii, Utah, New Mexico, Nebraska and Maryland.  In 20 other US states, bills were introduced but lacked support and were not debated.  The Governors of Maine and Nebraska have stated they would veto any bill in support of assisted suicide.

In 23 years of trying, only five US states have passed assisted suicide bills – not a very impressive record.

The American College of Physicians issued a policy statement in September, 2017 opposing the legalization of assisted suicide. It stated:

Control over the manner and timing of a person’s death has not been and should not be a goal of medicine. However, through high-quality care, effective communication, compassionate support, and the right resources, physicians can help patients control many aspects of how they live out life’s last chapter.

In September 2017, the New York Court of Appeal unanimously upheld the state’s law prohibiting assisted suicide.

Same-sex Marriage

The Israeli Supreme Court unanimously rejected same-sex marriage (2017).

The European Court of Human Rights, in 2014, concluded that European human rights laws do NOT mandate same-sex marriage. It confirmed that the protection of the traditional institution of marriage between a man and a woman is a valid state interest, and implicitly endorsed the view that relations between same-sex couples are not identical to marriage between a man and a woman, whose relationship may be treated differently in law.

Over half of U.S. states continue to define marriage as the union of a man and a woman. In Europe, constitutional amendments to preclude same-sex marriage have occurred in Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Finland, Poland and Romania. The Italian Constitutional Court, as well as the Constitutional Court in India, have both rejected same-sex marriage.

Significantly, only 25 countries around the world support same-sex marriage. Less than 13% of countries worldwide support same-sex marriage.  That is, over 87% of nations in the world have maintained their commitment to marriage as the union between one man and one woman.  In fact, in recent years, 13 countries in Europe have re-written their laws to specifically ensure that marriage is defined as being between one man and one woman.


In 2006, Nicaragua stopped abortions being performed and, since that time, the maternal mortality rate has dramatically decreased. On May 30, 2017 the Ministry of Health (MINSA) in Nicaragua disclosed the number of maternal deaths as follows:  In 2006, 93 women had died per 100,000 childbirths.  That number was reduced to 59 deaths in 2011, and in 2016 to 38 women per 100,000 births.

The decision to protect all life in Nicaragua led to an energetic protest of the international pro-abortion powers, which immediately began threatening to remove economic aid to Nicaragua. Many donor countries closed their embassies and other cooperation agencies because they considered what was done a setback for “women’s rights.”  Among these countries were Finland, Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands, which regard poverty as a destabilizing factor and believe eliminating people, not education and health care, will solve the problem of poverty.

US George Soros Funding

Billionaire, Hungarian born, now US citizen, George Soros, is funding organizations around the world, including Black Lives Matter and Occupy Now, in the US and Canada, by way of his Open Society Foundation. Soros believes there should be no legislation restricting human behaviour and funds organizations which work toward destabilizing societies by eliminating laws that prohibit abortion, drug use, prostitution, homosexuality and assisted suicide, to name a few of such prohibitions that he despises.  His Foundation funded the demonstrations against President Donald Trump and the Women’s March in Washington in January, 2017.  The obliging media reported on these events with fake news that they were “spontaneous uprisings” by caring US citizens against Donald Trump.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The demonstrations were organized solely by left-wing organizations funded by Soros.

Donald Trump

The media world-wide is engaged in a frantic effort to drive US President Trump from office on the basis of manufactured scandals, including grand juries searching for crimes – any crimes – that could bring Trump down.

In the US, the media and the Democratic Party concoct and relentlessly promote the “collusion with Russia” fantasy as a vehicle for the nullification of Trump’s election, with Russia morphing from a non-issue into America’s Greatest Enemy within hours of election night.

Congress has launched multiple investigations into the imaginary collusion. The media never mention that Obama knew about Russian hacking of the internet during the 2016 election and remained silent about it and did nothing to stop it, believing Hillary Clinton would win the election and there would be no investigation about it.

The media even reported that the First Lady of the US, Melania, had boarded Airforce One for a visit to view the devastation of southern US by hurricanes wearing – gasp – stiletto heels! (She sensibly wore running shoes when touring the devastated area).  This was reported by the media as a scandal, clearly trying to demonstrate Mrs. Trump’s lack of concern for those suffering from the hurricane:  an astonishing conclusion.  But anything will do in the media’s attempt to harm President Trump.

Lesson Learned

The lesson learned about the media is never believe their reports on their favourite left-wing issues.  You can be certain that it is “fake news” or, as Donald Trump says, “Very fake news”!