It is mindboggling that the elites are riding on the backs of Canadian taxpayers. They apparently believe they are so important and their work so valuable that they are entitled to luxury and comfort, providing of course, if someone else pays the bill – namely the taxpayer.  Some examples of this abuse are as follows:

  • Governor General, Mary Simon, along with 46 passengers and crew, which included staff from Rideau Hall and Global Affairs Canada, made an eight-day tour of the Middle East in March 2022. This cost $93,118 in catering charges alone, on board the aircraft, and did not include in-flight drinks consisting of 95 bottles of wine and 93 cans of beer.  This catering fee was for snacks, three breakfasts, two lunches and three suppers. The catering fee was the equivalent of $248 a plate – luxury dining, indeed.
  • In November 2021, Canada sent a delegation of 211 people (the largest delegation in attendance) to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland. The total bill for this climate junket (which ended in a disagreement) cost $271,000.  This included $34,058.18 for chauffeur driven cars, but did not include receipts for taxis, which were separately submitted. Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland was also a member of the delegation but stayed in an expensive boutique hotel in Edinburgh, 80 km away from Glasgow.  She travelled to the Glasgow conference by way of a luxury chauffeur service, which took about 90 minutes of travel time, despite the fact that 121 trains run between Glasgow and Edinburgh per day in a trip that takes only 49 minutes at a cost of only $50 per day first class, round trip.  Deputy Finance Minister Michael Sabia also attended the conference while staying at the same expensive Edinburgh hotel, which cost $650 – $680 per night.  Freeland’s hotel room cost $740 a night.  Two other finance department officials also stayed at the Edinburgh hotel. The total cost of flights alone for these four officials, was $42,000.  Freeland’s return flight to Edinburgh cost $11,573 and Sabia’s return flight cost $10,640.
  • In June 2021, Prime Minister Trudeau travelled to Belgium to visit the Pfizer manufacturing facility to thank them for their efforts in providing vaccines shipped to Canada. This unnecessary virtue-signalling trip (Pfizer made a huge profit on the sale of the vaccines) cost the taxpayer $250,000.  This sum included bottled water costing $300.00 (despite the Liberal government’s insistence that Canadians eliminate plastic bottles); $59,000 for cars and drivers; and $200 for wine and beer in-flight.
  • The cost of fuel alone, used by Trudeau in flights between December 2021 and April 26, 2022, was $558,648.32.

In July 2022, Trudeau spent only eleven days not travelling aboard the official Prime Ministerial jet. His travel used enough fuel to power a car to circle around the earth ten times. Almost all of these trips were photo-ops or good will visits at which he refused to answer any questions from reporters. These trips also included attending three Liberal party fundraisers and consumed a minimum of 33,310 litres of jet fuel, which would be enough to power eleven round trips between Victoria, B.C. and St. John’s, Newfoundland. Online calculators have determined that the Prime Minister’s flights in this one month released nearly 120 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide into the environment.

And this huge Trudeau carbon footprint was all provided at the Canadian at the taxpayer’s expense to promote him personally, and his party.