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         —-REALity  Volume XXXIV Issue No.8 August 2015

The federal election, to be held on October 19th, 2015, will be a crucial election.

Every effort has been made by the mainstream media to harm the electoral chances of the Conservative Party in this election. They criticize, ridicule and demean any legislation or activity put forward by the Conservatives. In contrast, the media have generally promoted their “favourites” i.e. the opposition parties. First it was the Liberals under Justin Trudeau, and more frequently now, it is the NDP under its leader, Thomas Mulcair. This biased coverage will only intensify now that the election has been called.

It is important, therefore, that voters have an accurate understanding of the policies of the political parties, in order to make an informed decision when casting their ballot.

REAL Women has, as impartially as possible, summarized the positions of the political parties in the ABOVE PAMPHLET.  We have selected issues that we think will have the greatest impact on family life. Unfortunately, because of space limitation, we were able to include only the policies of the three major parties that currently hold seats in the House of Commons.

You are free to copy and distribute this pamphlet to friends, family, churches and organizations. If you would like more copies of the pamphlet, they may be obtained from our National Office.