Many homosexuals live out their lives quietly and peacefully. The public is not interested in nor does it care about their private sexual activity (except if they are involved with minors), allowing them to work, pay their taxes and live their lives just like everyone else.

There are other homosexuals, however, who create problems, not only for themselves but also for society. These are the activists who demand a cultural change in society to normalize all homosexual beliefs and lifestyle. They insist that homosexuality no longer be merely tolerated, but that its culture be wholly accepted, and opposition against it be silenced. They require that the state penalize anyone who does not precisely conform to their agenda. This is of concern for many reasons, but is especially so in the case of the activists supporting “chemsex”, or drug parties, that are surging in popularity among a subgroup of homosexuals in western countries.

These chemsex parties involve spending days getting high on drugs and having sex with scores of partners. This has resulted in an increase in the epidemic of HIV and other serious medical and psychological problems among homosexuals. Chemsex has stalled the dramatic progress that has occurred in the past decades in curbing HIV.

Chemsex is characterized by the use, especially of crystal methamphetamine, as well as several other drugs, to enhance sexual arousal, performance, and pleasure. These drugs reduce inhibitions and increase feelings of sexual desire and contribute to a perfect storm for the virus to spread in groups with high HIV rates.

Compared to other drugs, methamphetamine is set apart by the particular high that users experience. It creates an overwhelming sexual disinhibition and access to desires and fantasies that might previously have been repressed for religious, cultural, and psychological reasons. Chronic use of methamphetamine can also produce physiological harms in an individual, such as damage to neurological, cardiovascular and pulmonary systems. Another harm associated with methamphetamine is that it leads to dependence, defined as “the extent to which a drug creates a propensity or urge to continue to use despite adverse consequences.”

One of the reasons for the rise of chemsex parties is that, although AIDS can’t be cured, it has been kept in check for decades with cocktails of highly effective antiviral medicines. It’s partly because of this advance that the high-risk practice of chemsex is occurring.

Chemsex is about homosexuals deliberately using drugs to facilitate sexual contact with lots of men in group sex environments. A defining characteristic of the parties is their length, as they can last as long as two or three days with little sleep, and a revolving door of new guests. It reduces concern for safer sex practices, and increases feelings of confidence, sexual adventurousness, heightened sexual pleasure and endurance. Chemsex can accurately be described as ‘extreme hedonism,’ causing not only an increase in HIV, but also increases in Hepatitis C, sexually transmitted diseases and other side effects, including aggression, paranoia, hallucinations, perceptions of persecution and overdose. Chemsex has now been identified as a major health concern for homosexuals.

A systematic review of literature on chemsex published in The International Journal of Drug Policy (2019 63: 74-89) found that:

  • Homosexuals who engage in chemsex are more likely to engage in high-risk sexual behaviours, such as unprotected anal intercourse.
  • HIV-positive homosexuals are more likely to engage in chemsex.
  • Chemsex behaviours are associated with increased risk of acquiring HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.
  • The social functioning and mental well-being of men who engage in chemsex is negatively impacted by this behaviour.

According to the Ontario HIV Treatment Network, in a document dated May 2019, chemsex is not a problem that applies to the general public, but is related solely to particular cultural features unique to the homosexual community.

Sadly, some homosexuals expect the public to accept this hedonistic behaviour. It is another disaster for the LGBTQ community, which it can blame only on itself.