The Walt Disney Company was established in 1923 to provide wholesome entertainment for children and families. This objective has disappeared from the expanded Disney conglomerate.

The family-friendly characters and parks that we love are being cast to the wayside as Disney’s movies and amusement parks are becoming saturated with LGBTQ characters and directives.

Out of fear of retaliation from the radical LGBTQ community, Disney has given in to the LGBTQ demands to use their network to indoctrinate children on homosexuality. The result of this intimidation is that, under the bullwhip of homosexual activists, Disney Productions has become a quivering, cowering company that has placed its creative talent at the service of the homosexual cause. This is based on the recognition by homosexual activists that the popular Disney Productions are an excellent source of indoctrination of children to achieve social change. By catching children at a young age, it is believed they will come to regard homosexuality as normal.

If homosexuality were only a harmless lifestyle choice, this indoctrination would not be alarming. However, homosexuality leads to unnatural, unhealthy and deviant behaviour, which causes devastating harm to the individuals who participate in it. The truth is homosexuals/lesbians do not lead happy, normal or healthy lives. Their lifestyle is very destructive. This creates a real concern that children will be misled by Disney programming to believe that homosexuality is merely an alternative lifestyle choice to be tried and experienced. This is a betrayal of children and denies parents’ obligation to protect them.

For those who believe that Disney is still joyous family entertainment, they should be aware of the developments that have changed Disney productions in the last few years. These changes have been insidious and subtle, but have gradually increased to portraying a distinct homosexual culture. Disney recently depicted a full-blown homosexual character in its production Out in a Pixar short on Disney+ (its streaming service). Aimed at young people, it is an animated nine minute short film. It is about a young homosexual man deciding whether to tell his parents that his boyfriend has moved in with him. This is not what every child needs to know, or finds of interest.

For those who might believe that this assessment is extreme, they should be aware of the following:

  1. Disneyland Paris hosted a gay Pride parade deceivingly called “The Magical Pride Diversity Parade”. As a result, an amusement park, created for families and children, featured a parade of homosexuals and transgenders as well as activities promoting the LGBTQ lifestyle. The LGBTQ community is insisting now that such parades take place in Disney parks everywhere every year. This demand is being actively reviewed by the Disney Board of Directors for possible implementation.
  2. The Disney channel’s popular teen show called The Andi Mack Show, in its season finale in 2019, portrayed a 13-year-old male gay character who, in this last episode, confesses his feelings for a male classmate. As romantic music plays on the soundtrack, the camera pans away as he takes the hand of his male companion. This episode brought gushing reviews from critics and LGBTQ advocates.
  3. In the children’s cartoon series, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, one of the children disguises himself as Princess Turdina to save a school of princesses from a terrible headmistress. When the headmistress discovers that, in reality, Princess Turdina is male, the other children shout out ideological LGBTQ slogans, such as, “Why does it matter if he’s a boy?”; “He can be a princess if he wants to” and “Turdina is a state of mind”.

The message aimed at children is that males can be princesses, and that gender is a “state of mind”. This is the essence of transgenderism.

  1. The popular Toy Story 4, released in theatres in 2019, includes “two mothers” bringing “their” child to school. A child might rightly ask “Can a child be born to two women?” According to Disney, apparently, yes, and it is supposedly normal.
  2. On March 6, 2020, Disney released the animated movie Onward, which introduces a self-identified homosexual character into the Disney world. This animated film has sexual notions beyond the comprehension of many of the young viewers and is attempting to portray homosexuality as normal.
  3. In April 2020, Disney introduced a gay dad couple to children in a reboot of its popular DuckTales. The co-executive producer and story editor Frank Angones expressed regret and apologized for the difficulty experienced by trying to change established Disney characters developed in the 1980s to LGBTQ narratives. He stated gamely, however “there’s always opportunity for a lot more – …I’m dedicated to being better and finding new opportunities for [homosexual] three dimensional representatives in future shows.”

A Petition of More Than Half a Million Signatures

The pro-life/pro-family community has not been idle over this attempt to indoctrinate innocent children on homosexuality. For example, in November 2019, CitizenGO delivered a petition, consisting of 700,000 signatures at the shareholders’ meeting to Disney Company’s former CEO, Robert A. Iger, and the Disney Board of Directors in Orlando, Florida, objecting to Disney parks, movies and merchandise promoting the LGBTQ ideology. CitizenGo’s Campaign Director for the U.K. and Ireland, Caroline Farrow, attended the meeting and was able to ask Disney’s CEO Bob Chapek why Disney was continuing to alienate so many families by incessantly pushing the LGBTQ agenda. Mr. Chapek refused to answer.

According to internal information, this petition has troubled Disney’s Board of Directors since it indicates that families are rejecting the indoctrination of their children by the LGBTQ community. Disney may be pandering to the threat of LGBTQ activists, but the corporation’s finances and stock value are based on the support of families, which are the future of the corporation. Financial losses are the only thing that will stop Disney. It is also necessary to have petition drives, mass digital campaigns and picketing by on-the-ground protesters which will eventually push Disney’s leadership to return to family-oriented programming. Fundamentally, however, it is essential that families refuse to watch Disney Productions or purchase its products. Please do not subscribe to Disney+, or if you have subscribed, please unsubscribe. This will diminish its financial returns, which is its major concern.

Something must be done about Disney. It cannot go on pandering to the demands of the minority LGBTQ community. We are the parents and grandparents who comprise most of society. We cannot and will not be pushed around by Disney’s submission to the demands of the LGBTQ community.

Please let Disney know your objections to its homosexual programming. Write to:

Bob Chapek
Chief Executive Officer
The Walt Disney Company
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521-4873

If you are able, please also share your objections on social media.