WHEREAS the federal government established as a government agency the Court Challenges Program in 1978 to assist financially disadvantaged groups in assisting them with court challenges on language rights, and extended this program in 1985 to financially assist disadvantaged groups in court challenges dealing with equality rights issues;

AND WHEREAS in 1994 the Court Challenges Program was incorporated as an independent organization, called the Court Challenges Program of Canada Corporation, which is completely separate from the federal government with its own elected Board of Directors;

AND WHEREAS the Board of Directors and administrators of the Court Challenges Program of Canada Corporation are in a conflict of interest in that they consist of representatives from special interest organizations, predominately homosexual and feminist, whose organizations receive the major funding provided by the Corporation.  This funding policy which discriminates against pro-life and pro-family organizations, as they are denied financial assistance by the Corporation, resulting in their being denied an equal opportunity to appear before the courts;

AND WHEREAS this independent corporation, the Court Challenges Program of Canada Corporation, is financed almost entirely by the federal government through the Department of Heritage which has no control over the distribution of the funds by this independent corporation;

BE IT RESOLVED that the federal government cease to fund the Court Challenges Program of Canada Corporation.