WHEREAS a full-time mother makes a significant contribution to society by contributing psychologically and emotionally to the well-being of her children;

AND WHEREAS we recognize that paid child care is an essential and invaluable service due to economic necessity ad social pressures;

AND WHEREAS we believe it is the parent’s right to choose the kind of child care that fits the needs of their child and their family value system;

BE IT RESOLVED, that REAL Women of Canada make representations to government, provincial and federal, to oppose the concept of national government-subsidized day care, and the policy of national standards which would result in the elimination of private arrangements;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that child care funds be paid directly to the parents to allow them to choose the kind of care for their children;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that equal child care tax credits be paid to all parents regardless of the type of care they choose, whether home care or substitute care.