WHEREAS feminists in Canada claim that the expression “in all thy sons command,” in our national anthem discriminates against women;

AND WHEREAS in 2001, Senator Vivienne Poy tabled a bill in the Senate to replace the expression “in all thy sons commands,” in the national anthem to “in all of us command”;

AND WHEREAS Senator Poy’s bill died in the Senate due to a lack of support;

AND WHEREAS Senator Nancy Ruth has lobbied to change the wording in the national anthem to delete the controversial expression, “in all thy sons command”;

AND WHEREAS the Speech from the Throne on March 3, 2010 included a commitment to review the lyrics of the national anthem;

AND WHEREAS the Conservative government decided against changing the wording of the national anthem, due to strong public resistance against making any such changes;

AND WHEREAS the wording, “in all they sons command” is a generic expression referring to all Canadians and does not discriminate against women.

BE IT RESOLVED that the Canadian anthem representing a Canadian tradition, remain unchanged, so as to serve as our patriotic symbol.