Canada, An International Fool

On the international circuit, no one takes Canada seriously anymore.  Instead, our country is regarded as a nation of simplistic fools which has little to contribute to serious discussions. This is because Canada regularly shows up at international settings beating its little drum, and blowing its trumpet, playing the same monotonous tune, insisting that abortion, homosexuality and feminism be included in international agreements. This is due to Trudeau, who apparently fancies himself the progressive leader of the world who must lead the world to a politically correct understanding of how to conduct itself. He is an embarrassment to Canada. This offensive behaviour by Canada occurs regularly at the Organization of American States (OAS), UN meetings, meetings of the G7, as well as at the annual World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland.

The most recent incident occurred at a meeting of the UN Commission on Population and Development (UNCPD) held in April, this year. The issues under discussion were population, food security, nutrition and sustainable development – serious matters for countries in the developing world.  There was no reference to Canada’s obsessions on the agenda – but that was of no consequence to Canada. The latter, together with other like-minded Western countries such as the U.S., New Zealand and Mexico, insisted that abortion, homosexual rights, and feminism be included in the document. It is significant that there had been no final outcome document at meetings of the UNPCD for the past five years because the delegates failed to reach an agreement owing to the Western countries’, especially that of Canada, insistence that these controversial issues be included.

Yet, once again, these divisive issues were defeated at the UNCPD meeting because of the 54 African countries and Mid Eastern countries, such as Egypt and Qatar, pushing back.  Some South American countries such as Nicaragua and Brazil also refused to accept these nonsensical interjections. In fact, nobody paid much attention to Canada and the other equally fanatical Western countries trying to impose a whole new world order, disrupting the genuine and meaningful paths to resolving problems.

As a result of completely ignoring Canada’s interjections, the UNCPD, this year finally reached a consensus to deal with real problems, not the farcical demands of extremist-controlled countries.

Not surprisingly, the UN agency, the UNFPA (UN Population Fund) which promotes abortion, homosexuality and population control, expressed grave disappointment that the meeting failed to accept its “progressive” social policies.

Why should the whole world bend to the will of some wealthy countries whose credibility is questionable? The push back is occurring because many countries are aware of the disaster that is currently engulfing the West due to their “progressive” policies.