WHEREAS bullying is never acceptable, since it creates a poisoned environment and can lead to a harmful and long lasting mark on its victims and,

WHEREAS bullying in schools is particularly unacceptable, since its victims are children and are less able to defend themselves than adults and,

WHEREAS the problem of bullying should not be used by special interest groups, such as homosexual activists, to pursue their own agenda to normalize homosexuality and to   establish gay/straight alliance clubs in schools and,

WHEREAS educational authorities should not use the problems of bullying as a means to indoctrinate children to support the agenda of special interest groups such as homosexuals and,

WHEREAS anti-bullying policies should reflect the rejection of all forms of bullying and not give priority to any specific kind of bullying or any specific anti-bullying clubs in the schools.

BE IT RESOLVED that policies prohibiting bullying in schools should constitute a general bullying prevention program and not be used as a pretext to promote any special interest agenda.