The Sexual State:  How Elite Ideologies are Destroying Lives
By: Jennifer Roback Morse, PhD
TAN Books (406 pages)
CDN. $22.89.

Jennifer Roback Morse, renowned author, speaker and academic, is founder of the Ruth Institute which provides survivors of the Sexual Revolution with personal support and reliable information from scientific sources.  According to Dr. Morse, the abortion lobby, which wants no regulation whatsoever on abortion, cannot stand on its own, but must be propped up by ideologies forced on us by the State.

In her recent book, she shows that this revolution was deliberately created by out-of-touch elites who impose their harmful “morality” using the power of the state.  The result is disastrous for family members caught up in the resultant turmoil.  She calls for alternative work for professionals making a livelihood on family breakdown and revolutionary ideologies.

Three Ideologies Based on Fantasies Rather Than Reality

The author identifies and elaborates on the consequences of three destructive fantasy-based ideologies propping up abortion.  They form the basis of the Sexual Revolution and have harmed millions of people.  She notes that the elites have restructured our family-based society: two salaries now being the norm, student debt, later and less fertile marriages, the perceived need for substitute child care, third party reproduction, the redefinition of marriage, same sex parenting and state support of gender dissatisfaction.  State intrusion into the family is at unacceptable levels, she claims.

  1. The Contraceptive Ideology separates sex from babies. It convinces people that sex is a sterile recreational activity, with reproduction as a mere afterthought. This premise logically necessitates impeding pregnancy and making abortion available.  A defining characteristic of the feminist narrative, supported by so many states, is the control of a woman’s reproduction.
  1. The Divorce Ideology separates children from parents and marriage. The author provides many examples of the pain which she has observed, disproving the false doctrine that divorce does not harm children. She reports that 70% of divorces in the U.S. take place against the wishes of one party and that the State facilitates the process of family destruction.  This ideology robs children of their right to live with their own parents.

The instability of marriage has benefited corporations as women provide a new source of employees, who feel they must hedge against marriage breakup.

She concludes:

The social experiment of no-fault divorce, accepted as an expansion of personal liberty, has resulted in an unprecedented intrusion of the state into the lives of ordinary, law abiding citizens.

  1. The Gender Ideology separates individuals from their own bodies, which are regarded as unreasonable constraints on one’s freedom and self-determination. The author shows how neutralizing the differences between men and women has been advantageous to employers and to establishment feminists. Scientists are reluctant to study important differences between the sexes because of political correctness.  Identity ideologies ignore biological facts which do not support their narrative.  The author reveals resulting conflicts within the transgender movement itself.

Rich, Powerful Elites

Her research has found that the sexual revolution did not originate from grass roots demands but was driven by a rich, powerful and influential elite.  She names John D. Rockefeller, who promoted the works of Alfred Kinsey.  U.S. corporate leaders Warren Buffet and George Soros financed the extensive propaganda for this revolution.  The new elite believes that society needs to be managed and they are the ones who should do it.

The State has financed and coerced citizens to adopt these new “liberating” principles, an endeavour which is totally outside its mandate.  Morse chronicles how this was imposed through media manipulation, phony “studies”, lies, propaganda and contrived litigation.  She notes that many benefit financially from the sexual revolution and oppose any child and family-oriented reform.  The motives which drive these sexual radicals are: money, doing what they want without social sanction and population control.

The history of legislation institutionalizing this revolution in the United States parallels the Canadian experience and is expanded as foreign policy by western countries.


Morse concludes with a Manifesto of remedies, among them:  end sex education in schools, abolish tax-funded women’s and gender studies, reform divorce laws to recognize marital fault, cease government promotion and subsidization of contraception, abolish abortion, end funding of population control in foreign countries and tax pornography.