Ottawa REALity January, 2018

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau believes that he is not accountable to the Canadian public.  He believes that he may say and do whatever he wants, and hand out taxpayers’ money to whomever he wants, completely ignoring the views of Canadians whom he is supposed to represent.

Examples of his arrogant behaviour are piling up:

  • In July, 2017 Trudeau appointed a close friend of Gerald Butts, his Senior Advisor in the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), as Canada’s consul general to San Francisco. The salary for this individual, Rana Sarkar, a former Liberal candidate, is $260,300 – almost double the official pay rate for other such appointments.

Trudeau appointed, as Canadian Ambassador to France, former Quebec business person, Isabelle Hudon, with a salary amounting to $119,400.00 more than any other career diplomat earns for the same or similar posting.  Ms. Hudon’s salary range is between $247,900 and $291,600, whereas the salary range is usually between: $172,200 and $202,500.  The predecessor to Ms. Hudon, Lawrence Cannon, appointed by the Conservative government, was paid, after five years on the job, between $192,600 and $226,500.

There has never been a satisfactory explanation for this discrepancy in salary paid to Ms. Hudon and to Rana Sarkar.

  • Not only is Trudeau making huge payouts to homosexuals and spending millions for propaganda purposes within Canada, he is also arrogantly pushing the issue with other countries despite the fact that homosexuality is contrary to the culture and religion of these countries.

In 2016, Canada assumed the role of co-chair of a new “Equal Rights Coalition” which is a network of 30 countries from the west who are attempting to promote and protect LGBT rights in the developing world.  Canada is also working to promote homosexuality within the Commonwealth.  Thirty-six of the fifty-two member countries within the Commonwealth do not accept homosexuality.  Trudeau apparently believes he is entitled to impose his personal beliefs on these countries as well as within Canada.

  • Canadian national security is at risk because of the returning Canadians who had travelled abroad to join the ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) to fight against the Canadian military operating in Syria with our allies there. These hardened terrorists are to be welcomed back to Canada under Trudeau’s policy to provide them disengagement and integration support, and counselling at the newly established government agency, Canada Centre for Community Engagement and Prevention of Violence, in order to help these jihadists supposedly renounce their terrorist ideology.

In contrast, Britain is stripping citizenship from dual national terrorists and banning them from returning to the UK.  The US has stated explicitly that its mission is to make sure that any foreign fighters who join the terrorists in Syria, also die in Syria.  Australia and France have taken a similar approach, with French special forces hunting down and killing French terrorist fighters before they return to France to create further terrorism there.

According to the Minister of Public Safety, Ralph Goodale, there are about 180 Canadian extremists who are active in terror groups around the world, and around 60 have already returned to Canada.  Mr. Trudeau believes that de-radicalization counselling and giving terrorists taxpayer funded handouts and support will turn these warmongers into stable citizens.

The existing literature indicates that these returning terrorists are not likely to change, and instead, are capable, committed and dangerous, and are much more effective at terrorism than non-veterans.  Trudeau’s policy on the returning terrorists is not just incompetent, but is also reckless and dangerous for Canadian citizens.

Trudeau Born Into Wealth and Privilege

Trudeau’s arrogance stems from the fact that he was born into wealth and privilege.  He lacks adequate education, intelligence and experience to function as Prime Minister.  His name has carried him far.  His friends include aristocrats and a small tight circle of elitists consisting of the wealthy, influential, and powerful.  He has no understanding of the lives of ordinary Canadians who work hard, look after their children without paid nannies, pay their taxes, and generally hold up and maintain Canadian society.  The latter are important to Trudeau only to squeeze more taxes from them.   His friends are wealthy financial advisors, environmentalists, professional feminists, abortion and homosexual advocates to whom he gives generous dollops of taxpayers’ money.

Trudeau operates under the notion that he is anointed to carry out a mission to set Canada and the world on a proper left wing trajectory.  He believes he is right, and that others, those not in his select circle, are improperly informed and misled and that it’s up to him to set them straight.  That is, straight into accumulating deficit and heavy debt, with a carbon tax which will increase taxes (contrary to his oft-repeated vacuous concern for the “middle class”).  He is legalizing marijuana to gain the millennial vote, despite the fact marijuana is a health and traffic hazard, especially for adolescents.  Under Trudeau’s marijuana legislation, every home may grow four marijuana plants.   The crop can easily be sold illegally by family members to others.  He has imposed extremist feminist and homosexual policies both domestically and internationally, with Canadian taxpayers’ money.  He promotes and has earmarked $21 million to provide more female participation in international peacekeeping where they will be even more vulnerable to harassment and sexual assault than they are experiencing.  Part of this fund is to be used to crack down on sexual assaults by security personnel and peacekeepers themselves!

The changes that Trudeau is making have not been properly analyzed. They are immature and harmful.   If they had been carefully analyzed, they should never have been implemented.

Trudeau’s superficial understanding of issues and his arrogance have endangered our lives.  Our future is not safe in his immature hands.